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I am posting here because I am not sure where it should go in the forum directory... I have been through an experience in 2009. My consciouness was taken off my mind, I was still in my body and controling it but inside of my head, my mind was somewhere else. I could feel two entity that where also in a body somewhere else on the planet. We have been connected but we were still in our bodies. Myself was kind of intellectually non physical. They said they were aliens and they claimed to be my parents. I believe what they say and I could feel them, their love so unconditional, strong, deep and pure. It was a life changer to feel that love exist and those good people in the stars are real and that they same ''You are one of us'' . Then they told me I am a larva, a cosmic one! I would be a cosmic larva and I have a connection with the cosmos where is my familly from another world, I guess the cosmic plan. I was on something so I did not ask much questions and the few I asked were mostly unanswered so I am seeking answers about cosmic being and the cosmos in general. I am into UFO forums but that kind of stuff doesn't work too well to talk about in those places except for one forum so far where is my internet home, aliendisc. I can writte there but I do not get any answers... The only thing they refere to is ''starseed''  or  ''starchild'' but I am not sure if it is my situation.

I hope here someone has knowledge to share with me about cosmic being so I can know what I really am and why I am here... I know stuff about my being and how I am connected to the world and feel things from far. Like being online and feeling someone that I read like if I could connect but I am blocked. I need to unblock my capacities and my cosmic powers but my quest is a self discovery through human being so I have to dig inside of me but not the way most of human sociaties are asking me to do. I want back my cosmic life...

Sometime I see or feel the future since I was told my power is about manipulating and travelling time naturally but not now or not yet. I feel that forward of me on my timline something good full of peace and love is awaiting me and a lot of things that happened to me I said it would happen to me but cosmic time prevision is not visions. It is a feeling inside saying ''You will find yourself a person that will be your mentor and will raise you a little bit'' I know somewhere someone is waiting for me and I have to find them. A lot of what happened I told it would and I was made fun of and I do premonition dreams but only stuff that would happens in years. I saw the human world in a beautiful clean realm and now I know my dimensional location is bad.

I am lost and I need help and anyone that can help me access to my blocked memory and power would be my friend and I care of my friends!

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I had a similar experince

It might be a technology

I must say that the slate must be cleaned. The mind released of old ideas about what it is to be human, what is human, what is mind, consciousness, spirit, soul etc. Cosmology is as deep into reality as the skin covering your being. That concept needs to be released as well. With that goes the ideas from Hollywood that we have about extra terrestrial life. Extra of course means beyond and terrestrial means earthly or physical. That means the understanding of the word means beyond physical..NOT from some other physical planet out in "space".

Step 1...release the old ideas you have because they are your number 1 stumbling block. They are like trying to grasp the entirety of your life by snipping tiny specific fragments into an odd mishaped construct of an idea that completely misses the core truth. It does give you an idea...see the old analogy of the blind men trying to feel things and naming them...but they are all talking about an elephant.

Step is not mindFULLness, it is mindLESSness....the mind creates more shadows and illusions that anything else. To see clearly it must be with the single eye, clear of mental noise, expectation, assumption, ideation and most importantly....identification and naming.

If you cannot answer your question then, you should not be asking the question. If you cannot see you should not be looking. If you cannot understand stop trying to.

These things are like x-ray for sunglasses. Think about that. Think about the blind men and the elephant.


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