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Is it possible to create some form of mental stress reliever with Alchemy?

I need to know, as I want to aid a friend with some trauma in the past.

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I don't know much about alchemy, but I've heard elemental aether will cure any ailment if you can incorporate it into your medicine. The problem is, it's mostly found beyond Earth and can only rarely be found on the planet's surface. Supposedly you can distill it from other materials.

Thank you, I will research this.

Sadly, the person I was attempting to help has died of Cancer; may he rest in peace.

But thank you very much for the clue here, another puzzle piece to the mystery.

Alchemy too has its fair share mountebanks, puffers and charlatans, with lies spread about the evil alchemists and their filthy necromancy, stories spread of them turning base metals into gold and silver that were jumped on and perpetuated by the "Church" as propaganda in order to suppress other spiritual avenues of true enlightenment from being pursued by the many, and to forcibly convert the masses to their spiritual damnation of morals and dogma's and make them pay with their labours, lives, souls and property for the privilege of their suffering.

Anyone who is familiar with the production of the "philosophers Stone" will know that the transmutation of lead into gold cannot be achieved, "Our stone is nothing but gold digested to the highest degree of purity and subtle fixation, a very fine white powder"- Eiranaeus Philalethes, gold digested to a mono atomic element, once the gluons that bind the atoms are dissolved away that gives the precious platinum group their metal appearance, and the alchemist is left with a type of silica, a fine white transmuting powder, with strange and wonderful properties...the recipe for which was written down by many an alchemist, most in deliberate obscurity so they could be passed from on to the next right under the eyes of the church and distributed as poetry, the true meaning of which could only be deciphered by those adepts and masters of the craft who had been initiated into them.

My apologies for the long winded thesis in response, I could write for years about this stuff...these are just my thoughts...Peace.


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