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Hello all,
I recently started reading dion fortunes mystical qabalah,as of yet its quite interesting. I was wondering what were some of your thoughts on the book itself and if ay of u had any exercises i could do to help practice some of what i may learn from it.thanks all god bless

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Yes Franz bardon autocorrect keeps changing it lol

Well although his book is a master work I really struggled with his methodology. It's a long time since I read it so I'm not certain but I think there are better more accessible courses of study to follow as Franz was a very strict hardcore occultist and his course is quite hard to follow properly.  Just my oppinion though.. it was a few years ago.

Hello,   Excuse my somethingorother....sticky beakedness...

Joshua, if you seek such hardcore (and I agree with sareyan) teaching, then the Temple of the Golden Dawn may not be the way you wish to pursue.

All the Golden Dawn affords...smiles, initially, an ability to ride ' coincidence'.

Looking into Bardon's stuff is looking into control.

Thanx wenx I appreciate your input,what do u think would be some good study?
Well I have always liked Dion. But she does have a tendency to vilified male practitioners as boogie men. She does provide useful information but as you move forward you may want to read some more fundamental books on the Qabbalah. There are many around discussing the paths and gates of the tree of life.
@asteroid,thank you can u list some of those books as I will be needing some new reading material and would love to read up on path working more.


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