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I have always had a companion animal. They usually *picked* me. My current companion, Siona, was an unexpected rescue. She is very communicative with myself and my son. People constantly tell me "That's NOT a dog! That's a person in a dog suit!", because of how expressive and communicative she can be.
She has warned me of dangers that I was unaware of, comforted me when I was sad, celebrated when she saw me happy, helps me find my car keys and pushed me into doing things I never would have chose to do myself.

When I meditate, she sits quietly by my side. When I am done, she gets up, stretches in a manner that would make a yoga master proud and takes me outside for our walk.

I sometimes run decisions or choices I have to make past her before I finalize anything. I know it may sound silly, but sometimes if I go against what seems to be HER choice, I quickly found out I made a mistake.

I have come to consider her my *guide animal*. She is sometimes in my dreams, clearing paths for me when all seems chaotic and confused. When I wake after such a dream, I invariably find her staring at me attentively--she seems to know where we were and what we were doing in *our* dream.

I have read how many shamans possessed a *guide animal* and it seems I have one now.

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I'm a shaman and got a tiger spirit companion, it protects me from harm and teaches me lessons. This tiger Totem also makes me able to speak and converse to cats throughout the eyes. I can also talk to dogs through the eyes and understand what dogs really want just by looking at their eyes. All mammals can converse with each other because they share similar patterns.


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