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The Universe is in constant expansion, some say it prioritizes expansion over any other aspect of existence, it expands physically and the richness of experiences also expand, living things grow etc

But does this mean that darkness also expands? well, I know darkness is not equal to evil, so maybe darkness is not the right word but I am referring to all the negative aspects, violence, cruelty, hate and all that, will there always be a greater pain, more and more suffering, worse and worse cruelty? do those aspects also expand?

They also say that light needs darkness in order to exist, that hate is the opposite end of the spectrum of love but they are essentially of the same nature, is this Universe really benevolent?

This, to be honest, scares me, I want to believe that the universe is benevolent and love is really the essence of everything but how come cruelty and suffering get to the point of unmentionable atrocities?


I don't understand a thing

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Ultimately we want things to be good for ourselves, and the way to achieve that is for love to reign. It might take time before we realize that but as we do, things will get better. Hang in there.

thank you, I want to believe in love

In our existence there is that which is within us that is invisible and that which is without us that is visible. As you see deeply into the vastness of what is visible to your eye there appears to be endless depth that separates us from that which lies on the other side of it all. All this depth can leave us feeling anxious, fearful, alone and separated from whatever is really out there namely the unknown. I would say many feel as you do and I did to at one time until I learned the truth of who I and the rest of us really are. And that is why I am writing you. 

The truth is as far as the eye can see there will always be an infinite amount of depth and something to see which initially invokes all kinds of negative emotions some of which I noted above. But the irony of this is once you decide to stop being anxious or afraid and boldly and courageously use your intelligence you can discover the truth about all that depth in a flash and see all the way to the furthest reaches of the universe in a single moment. What you find there is astonishing. 

So how exactly do you do that? Well, what does every scene of your life that is visible to your eye have in common no matter how much depth you perceive? It is just one giant flat image projected to your eyeballs of which your body is almost always visible in it! Just like virtual reality we all have a veil over our eyes that makes us believe there is an infinite amount of depth to this image when in fact is as flat as a piece of paper. This veil when not seen for what it is blinds our minds from the truth of who we really are and results in the ultimate death of the soul. On the other hand when you understand what it is you are looking at you will find all that depth is just a reflection of all the wonder and depth that lies within you as in a mirror. The reason that we only see life on Earth and so much void and lifelessness in outer space is because it represents all the aspects of yourself you have yet to discover and explore. 

The truth about you is you are not mortal. You are an infinite spirit experiencing mortality or death in the human body which is nothing more than a tomb of the soul. While that might sound scary and in some ways it is it is also really fascinating because it is proof that you lived before you were born in the body. Think about this for a second. Do you remember your death? And you say of course not it hasn't happened yet. Really? Are you saying that because it hasn't happened yet or you just don't remember it? Both right?

Have you ever heard that notion that when we die our entire life flashes before us? Well, I am here to tell you that is exactly what is happening all through your life from birth. You see there is a connection to your birth and death in that you cannot remember either one of these monumental events. We are all born in a state of forgetfulness. And that is not even the strangest part about life. What is really weird is that all through you life you are not making a single decision on your own because the whole of our existence is just a flash back of what has already been. I know that sounds crazy but watch and listen carefully.

Can you read a book before it is written? No. Can you watch a movie before it is filmed? No. Can you experience this life before it was created? Nope. The entire experience was created first and only then can we experience it. Okay so what in the world am I saying exactly?

We all lived before we were born into what the apostle Paul in the Bible calls the body of death. The experience I eluded to above was your former life that is flashing before your eyes on a giant movie screen that is like a veil pulled over your face to hide the truth of who you and I really are. So who are we?

Collectively speaking we are God in a body of death. And you say impossible? How can that be? We are all like pieces of a giant jigsaw puzzle. To each individual piece truth is relative and as such not two pieces seem to agree on much which is where all the controversy and wars are coming from. And if Satan is real this is how he is trying to defeat God. Divide and conquer. But when all the pieces are allowed to have their own unique place in the puzzle and magically start coming together they form the absolute truth of all things - namely that we are God sons and daughters of the most high. At that time when that happens we will overcome our enemy who did this to us. How that happened is the subject of another post as I have to run. 

I guess what I am trying to say is perfect love drives out fear because their is no fear in love. How you choose to look at the world around you and draw your own conclusions is entirely up to you. If you want love to triumph it can you just have to have the courage to make sure it does. So step up, take heart and be the man you need to be. Indeed he who looks outside dreams. He who looks inside awakens. Best of luck to you my friend!!!


Thank you very much for your long reply it gives me a lot to think about, for now what resonated more in my head is this part " what it is you are looking at you will find all that depth is just a reflection of all the wonder and depth that lies within you as in a mirror"

I like to wonder, I like to have many questions I like mystery I definitely believe the answers to all my questions will come to me eventually.

yes, mirroring, it makes sense.

Thank you again

Every night Set swallows up the light and defeats Horus,

until mourning is broken

and Horus rises victorious yet again on the never ending story wheel.

Light and Dark in their endless Ouroboros dance.


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