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Does Jerry Hicks' Death From Cancer Mean The End of Abraham-Hicks?

(quoted from the link) Jerry Hicks Is Abraham...

...the official story is that Abraham is group of "nonphysical teachers" who have come together as a group to help us understand the universe and its most powerful force, The Law of Attraction. . The story itself is full of holes, starting with claims about Esther being "open." Not that she was ever rigid as far as anyone knows, but she was raised under the influence of one Mormon parent in the only Mormon state in the union. As for Jerry, his colorful lifetime has included at least five marriages (He is on record that there were too many to count, but at least five.) and a successful career at the upper levels in the often investigated and successfully sued Amway Corporation, which was the source of his wealth prior to launching the Abraham-Hicks operation.

The truth is more mundane and shows through the smoke and mirrors, just as Jerry Hicks current bout with illness does.
Jerry Hicks' studies in the areas later coalesced into The Law of Attraction began long before he met Esther. He was an avid practitioner of Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich teaching and similar feel good philosophies. In all likelihood, he used this knowledge in pitching Amway dealerships and motivating his recruits. The fact that he never mentions his Amway experiences is suspect as is his role in the upper level group that has successfully been sued for deceptive practices. His relationship with Esther began while both were married to other people, but they hit it off immediately.

Again, without much detail, we glimpse them studying Jane Roberts' Seth books, reading together while Jerry tickles Esther's feet. Then, for no disclosed reason, they are visiting Sheila Gillette for a reading with her channel, Theo (Five Archangels ranking higher than Abraham, according to them.) For some inexplicable reason, Esther and Jerry say that, shortly after, they are confronted by a stranger who informs them that Jane Roberts has died. Although this branch of the story never develops, it's likely that they were considering setting Esther up as Seth's next channel. Seth, though, is dense and hard to understand. Esther and Jerry Hicks wisely designed a dumbed down version, Abraham, that was more accessible, but they borrowed Sheila Gillette's public channeling act, including an initial accent, much as Theo still has.
It's important to note that Abraham-Hicks has never produced a new idea, other than marketing initiatives. Even "The Law of Attraction" had been used years before Esther and Jerry Hicks claimed it. When their claim was exposed as false, they moved to the clunky but somewhat original "Vortex of Attraction," which would have failed as a marketing gimmick, if it was what they started with.

The net result is that Abraham-Hicks is none other than good old Jerry Hicks. Acting out the part, Esther gets into her Abraham persona and parrots what she has learned from a well educated master in the teachings made famous by Napoleon Hill. The impressive amalgamation of sources that resulted in the books, purported to be written by Abraham, the crowd-pleasing stage performances and recordings has served many people well. Recently, however, as the message has muddied and very likely as the result of strains brought on by Jerry's age and deteriorating health, Esther and Jerry Hicks have inspired efforts to draw and enclose a cult-like following and have, after years of singing a different tune, turned to exclusion as a way of controlling followers.

Jerry Hicks Loses The Battle

Jerry Hicks death from cancer, according family members, was preceded by treatment with conventional medicine that rejects the "teachings of Abraham." Esther and Jerry Hicks readily acknowledge his receiving "heavy chemotherapy," but no one at the Abraham Hicks marketing company will openly admit to an illness that might mean the death of Abraham Hicks.

(According to a statement from Esther Hicks, Jerry Hicks died on November 18th. Details below.)

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Well it looks like all of the esoterics haters are having a good time on this one...

  Jerry Hicks was 87 years old...Everyone goes at sometime and when that time's OK to leave here.

  Obviously he chose to take the chemo road for his leukemia  and like most...he didn't make it. Ultimately he wasn't supposed to stay here. Nobody gets out of this place alive.

   But does that mean that everything that they taught was wrong and that anybody who believed what they taught was an idiot?

   Knocks me out to see the rhetoric on Squidoo. Such hateful stuff about Esther Hicks.

   Know what? There's truth in what they've long said...Even if in his final challenge Jerry Hicks couldn't apply it. People who are gripped by fear often can't.

   But I see the truth of what they taught everyday amongst the critters. What we feel the most powerfully becomes our reality. That's where the line " I thought that would happen!" comes from. We do program our outcomes and life gives us plenty of opportunities to realize just how powerful that is.

   And Jerry Hicks? Human...just like the rest of us...Learning everyday until the end of this trip.

   Sad to see the viciousness....

   R.I.P Jerry  and hopes for your peace and spiritual future.

   And the best to Esther...You've given so many people hope and the ability to challenge life from a different angle.

    To the haters...Sorry for you...When hatred and mockery is all that you have it eats a hole at your insides.

hahaha.   What the author questioned was why Jerry chose to go the path of dangerous chemo when 'Abraham'  says so many things about healing from the self etc. 

“There is so much good in the worst of us, and so much bad in the best of us, that it doesn’t pay for any of us to think poorly of the rest of us.”  Edgar Cayce


Is there any truth in this paragraph;

'The net result is that Abraham-Hicks is none other than good old Jerry Hicks. Acting out the part, Esther gets into her Abraham persona and parrots what she has learned from a well educated master in the teachings made famous by Napoleon Hill. The impressive amalgamation of sources that resulted in the books, purported to be written by Abraham, the crowd-pleasing stage performances and recordings has served many people well. Recently, however, as the message has muddied and very likely as the result of strains brought on by Jerry's age and deteriorating health, Esther and Jerry Hicks have inspired efforts to draw and enclose a cult-like following and have, after years of singing a different tune, turned to exclusion as a way of controlling followers.'

Of course there can be truth in anything...But I doubt it about Esther parroting...

  I've had experience that I wouldn't call "channeling" but where when presented with an issue, a space on the inside can be released from tension and the answer will come through. It's often not that quick,but, I do think that with some really receptive individuals that's very possible.

   I call it "tapping the field" and when it's accompanied by more than company ( angelic or other elements of spirit) can be "heard".

   Esther seems particularly gifted in this.

   Could it be that she's just regurgitating what she was taught? Well...if that's true than she's really good at it.

   But still right on.

   And Jerry's use of chemo? How many times had Esther differentiated between what Abraham said and what she felt or did? MANY! There was what Esther felt and believed and responded to and what she was told about the deeper truth.

   Jerry would be no different. He was still human and like so many of us predisposed to fear at times.

   Not what we want but it's the reactive side that can be so hard to overcome.


Your way AB of communicating with the non-physical is much more authentic than those who set up mass marketing agendas to sell spirituality that is recycled from earlier teachers.  e.g The Law of Attraction which they take credit for was from Wallace D. Wattles at the turn of the century.  As an ex public channel myself I have a repugnance to people seeking others to tell them what is available to each of us through alignment with our own inner guidance. 

It seems when we sell teachings as coming from some ET or other dimensional entity we pull the wool over the eyes of willing participants to seek outside sources for what will only be found within.  The field is available for everyone to tap if they first believe it to be so.   I know a few authors who are brilliant researchers but at the end of the day there is nothing new under the sun and they recycle the earlier teachings with perhaps a new concept and take credit where non is due. 


I fully appreciate what you're saying Sun...Generally you're very on target...And of course you could be dead on about them...But...I have liked them and I prefer to see them in the light of the good things that they did do. Alot of people seemed to find peace and hope in what they taught.

  I do feel that like's profane to sell spirit teachings...Such things should be available to all who have the question and not for a price...There's even debate about that and the appreciation factor..But to me...that should not be and yet many teachers do charge, sell, whatever. It does look as though it's all about marketing opportunities.

  Then were it not for them...many of us would never have the opportunity to open that door and begin to peek at the possibilities.

   The thoughts about this can go on and on.

   But one thing is for sure true...Esther and Jerry Hicks were and are as human as anyone else, with a collection isues that could not be trumped by the very things that they taught.

    That can happen to anyone...

    A person can live comfortably with their own death but still have to remind themselves to use it when facing issues that living here presents.

   And at times we know not when the reactive self is asserting itself and we then make the wrong choices.

   Seems they did and we all do...but...since all roads lead to the same place...maybe they're not wrong at all.


I'm not adverse to making a living and this one was a multi- million  one that was primarily for those that could afford them.  In the early days I bought all of their books but only managed to plow through a minimal amount of the pages.   I just think it is more honest to say where the information is coming from rather than create a marketing spin around it. 

   Everything in life allows for growth no matter what the intention of the source, and yes there is only one end place we all will find ourselves in our own time. 


Jerry was 87 and human.I honor and respect the power of his choice. There are many gifts to be gleaned in any one's life and death. Judging is harmful and hurtful - only he and his higher self and Abraham knows the why - some things to think and feel about:

1) If you read Bruce Lipton's Biology of Belief we know due to his relentless research that all disease is caused by beliefs.

2. Holistic health tells us that all diseases are belief based and that Leukemia is a disorder of being able to accept love.

3) We know all death is a choice...the how and why. I have had several NDE's and I learned many things about life and death.

4)Death is not a mistake - it is not a failure.

5) He brought the world Abraham. In my view his gift in the way he chose to die is for all to see the  judgements and fear his death has brought up. 

6) Each person needs to look and see the fear and BLAME behind the beliefs that it is really Abraham who is the failure. So not only is Jerry's choice being discounted and disrespected the finger is now pointed at Abraham as to why "They did not save Jerry." If They could not save Jerry what does this mean for me?

7) Pure and simple: Jerry had a belief that brought him cancer - he was the only one that could release this...he chose chemo....maybe to show us that Abraham was right - it does not work if the belief is not there that will allow it.

8) Why all the outrage and condemnation??? So much fear - want an easy fix? No one can save you but you. Read Bruce Lipton's book and grow up....accept that it is you that is creating your reality to learn from --- it is not about is about stepping into the reality with a mature ego and knowing all is good.

This is the way of respect....the way of Peace.

I wish all the blessings of Peace,

Nancy a Messenger

Am I to understand that your viewpoints are directed to the writer of the article of this discussion or are you speaking to me the person that opened this discussion directly?  Could you please clarify that.......thanks

Dearest Sunmover, Oh my --- I am so sorry - Forgive me -I was not singling out anyone person....I read the multiple news stories posted about Jerry's death and then I started reading the comments and was looking for a place to post my rush of feelings. I was responding to all those that were weaving a story of their fear and I wanted to post my heart's knowings.

I just joined and need to understand posting regs!  I see that if you want to reply you have to go into the individual message.!! I know better now

I do think a certain level of maturity is missing when we blame any one......for anything....and decide who or what is right or wrong. The heart is unconditional love and I so hope more would listen to their heart - H.Ear.T - there is an ear there!!

Considering every thing is spiritual, I think people should charge for their expertise -  churches do it every Sunday with the collection basket fund drives, and tithing.... doctors do it every day with dispensing their remedies, etc........the whole amazing group of energy healers that are working wonders according to SCIENCE and authors sharing their wisdoms based on their turning their life around and inspiring us with their how to's. One book can change a life....many books have added to the strength of my heart....have literally kept me alive when I was living the 2nd act of the biblical Job where he lost everything.

I am all to glad to pay for inspiration! Worked better for me than doctors pronouncements or prescriptions.

I wish all Light....Light is information and information is Light.

Nancy, a Messenger

Hahahahaha  please don't take your self so seriously.  My query was because the emotional content in your erudite response would have been very effective directed to the author of the article and in line with many of the responses he received.  There is nothing to understand about posting responses so please do not ever think that you need edit your input. 

I post controversial items often merely to provoke thoughts and  open dialogue.  As truth seekers I believe we should sometimes venture into subjects to gather a variety of input to stimulate our thought process and hopefully gather some new understandings. 

You do make some very valid points and they are much appreciated.  By the way welcome aboard........I look forward to some more of your responses either in discussions or blogs........Namaste.

Thank you dear....opening remarks - point Well taken!! I am learning to be a comic avatar....haha (vbg - very big grin) . 

Went into the Abraham site and read Esther's posting about Jerry....very dear.  She is planning to continue on - I have learned a lot from Abraham and will continue to check in from time to time (on youtube).

Sunmover I wish you fun!! And Namaste.



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