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Does Jerry Hicks' Death From Cancer Mean The End of Abraham-Hicks?

(quoted from the link) Jerry Hicks Is Abraham...

...the official story is that Abraham is group of "nonphysical teachers" who have come together as a group to help us understand the universe and its most powerful force, The Law of Attraction. . The story itself is full of holes, starting with claims about Esther being "open." Not that she was ever rigid as far as anyone knows, but she was raised under the influence of one Mormon parent in the only Mormon state in the union. As for Jerry, his colorful lifetime has included at least five marriages (He is on record that there were too many to count, but at least five.) and a successful career at the upper levels in the often investigated and successfully sued Amway Corporation, which was the source of his wealth prior to launching the Abraham-Hicks operation.

The truth is more mundane and shows through the smoke and mirrors, just as Jerry Hicks current bout with illness does.
Jerry Hicks' studies in the areas later coalesced into The Law of Attraction began long before he met Esther. He was an avid practitioner of Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich teaching and similar feel good philosophies. In all likelihood, he used this knowledge in pitching Amway dealerships and motivating his recruits. The fact that he never mentions his Amway experiences is suspect as is his role in the upper level group that has successfully been sued for deceptive practices. His relationship with Esther began while both were married to other people, but they hit it off immediately.

Again, without much detail, we glimpse them studying Jane Roberts' Seth books, reading together while Jerry tickles Esther's feet. Then, for no disclosed reason, they are visiting Sheila Gillette for a reading with her channel, Theo (Five Archangels ranking higher than Abraham, according to them.) For some inexplicable reason, Esther and Jerry say that, shortly after, they are confronted by a stranger who informs them that Jane Roberts has died. Although this branch of the story never develops, it's likely that they were considering setting Esther up as Seth's next channel. Seth, though, is dense and hard to understand. Esther and Jerry Hicks wisely designed a dumbed down version, Abraham, that was more accessible, but they borrowed Sheila Gillette's public channeling act, including an initial accent, much as Theo still has.
It's important to note that Abraham-Hicks has never produced a new idea, other than marketing initiatives. Even "The Law of Attraction" had been used years before Esther and Jerry Hicks claimed it. When their claim was exposed as false, they moved to the clunky but somewhat original "Vortex of Attraction," which would have failed as a marketing gimmick, if it was what they started with.

The net result is that Abraham-Hicks is none other than good old Jerry Hicks. Acting out the part, Esther gets into her Abraham persona and parrots what she has learned from a well educated master in the teachings made famous by Napoleon Hill. The impressive amalgamation of sources that resulted in the books, purported to be written by Abraham, the crowd-pleasing stage performances and recordings has served many people well. Recently, however, as the message has muddied and very likely as the result of strains brought on by Jerry's age and deteriorating health, Esther and Jerry Hicks have inspired efforts to draw and enclose a cult-like following and have, after years of singing a different tune, turned to exclusion as a way of controlling followers.

Jerry Hicks Loses The Battle

Jerry Hicks death from cancer, according family members, was preceded by treatment with conventional medicine that rejects the "teachings of Abraham." Esther and Jerry Hicks readily acknowledge his receiving "heavy chemotherapy," but no one at the Abraham Hicks marketing company will openly admit to an illness that might mean the death of Abraham Hicks.

(According to a statement from Esther Hicks, Jerry Hicks died on November 18th. Details below.)

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I have read a book by the Hicks and seen The Secret movie, but I didn't know Jerry past away last year, until I listened to an online health webinar where somebody mentioned it. I did a google search and came to this site. I can see there are believers and disbelievers here.

In my opinion the Hicks have done a marvelous job spreading "The Secret" idea to the masses, opening up minds of many ppl. I think they were an important part of the Ascension process leading us to 2012. There are 2 questions: why did Jerry die, and why did he die before the 2012 Ascension? My speculative answers are: 1.  dieing before 2012 was the plan of his soul, and leads to answer 2. he is staying in a dimension close to our 3D, communicating with Esther. He is probably exactly where she is, at any given time, he can see and hear everything but she can only sense and hear him, not see him, b/c those are the limitations of our 3D reality. The purpose of this setup is to show us, the broad audience, that there really is no death, only a transition to a different reality. I found out online that Esther already had a public appearance where she was saying "Jerry is saying that", meaning that he was there with her. I believe the goal with this arrangement is to open up our minds even more.

Having said this, I am expecting to be ridiculed by the disbelievers, but I don't care. There is only so much anyone can do to help somebody who doesn't want to learn what their true potential is.

I have not been following the Hicks much b/c there are so many spiritual teachers and I have wide interests but I do believe Esther's channeling is real, not a fake. I read this recently:

Sheila Gillette is the channel for a group of twelve archangels known as Theo. Sheila has been quietly doing extraordinary work for over 30 years healing and transforming lives.
Sheila was the individual who (guided by Theo) told Esther Hicks of Abraham, that she was to be a channel and source for important work and set her on her life path.

The above information can be seen by the disbelievers as yet another fake. Maybe it is, maybe it is not, I don't know. But I do know of my own experience that there are other dimensions of reality. 20 years ago I took a class in meditation. Many years later I began attending a meditation group meeting once/week. During my 6 years attendance my psychic abilities developed spontaneously, without me trying anything. I began receiving telepathic information in my head about the ppl in the group, information which didn't make any sense to me but when I told the person it made all the sense to them. I began seeing famous spiritual ppl who are dead, and I also found myself in the body of a young male native American Indian several times (I am a white female born in Europe in this incarnation). After I moved out from the area I continued receiving telepathic information in my head, also visions which would flash in front of my eyes, and even smelling favorite fragrances of ppl I know when I would think about them before falling asleep. These things happen spontaneously, I do not have any control over them. I do not channel a famous entity, although I have been given the names of my guardian angel and the angel of my 1st husband, the father of my children, and I have even seen my angel. I have also talked to trees, getting information from them which would later be verified in books which came to me. I am mentioning these things to show that anything is possible. I am nobody, I am just a person with an open mind.

Regarding Ascension, our transition to a higher/5th dimension in December this year needs us to open up our minds and believe anything is possible, for us to make the transition, or we won't. It is up to each individual to make that decision. In the process I think it helps to be active in meditation groups like the Global Coherence Initiative, and Jonathan Goldman World Sound Healing (google both to find out info). Thanks.


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