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There was another universe in the sky, the planets looked like the image of them was vague as if looking through water it was melting with our own sky. They were being pulled apart in a way. It was an oval shape that was being pulled, elongated across the sky.  In it thousands of constellations and planets also being pulled. Around it electric currents shooting across.

I was standing on a square looking up, it was getting hotter and hotter. This man came to me and told me come we have to hide, the universes will collide. We have to go underground.

He took me to this laboratory and long halls with long big tubes where small particles would be shot real fast.

I asked him what’s that for?

He said: “an experiment the god particle went wrong hurry we have to hide’

We went down stairs and in a small room deep underground with airplane chairs all around us. We sat in the chairs and on top a screen would show what’s happening above ground.

Than the walls behind us opened and it was refrigerator machine like thins blowing cold air at us. Before it was still really hot even underground. When the roof screen opened we saw kids running, falling unconscious. People dropping their skin slowly melting off. People getting stuck in the melting cement of the road as they fell or were walking. You could see the air move all around like in the desert. There were people sitting on iron railing of stairs where you hold on to drinking ice, like glass filled with icecubes.

It was complete madness everywhere; it was so unbearably hot as the other universe would slowly merge in with our own. 90% of the people died. Inside the cabin where I was with that older man it was 40 people tops. We were kind of scientists and studied space.

The last thing I saw was the mater starting to evaporate slowly all around from the heat and the sky being purple from the electric streams. Instead of blue id see the other galaxies elongated from the pull all across the sky.

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posted there because that was the closesest to what i thought it might be.

i felt drained, sweaty, muscles hurt, back hurt and room was too hot


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