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Part One of Energy in Focus

Strengthening Ability

Huzzah you've finally started noticing a warmth or buzzing sensation when you focus on moving energy out of your palms!

Or... maybe not.

Regardless, here's a video that has a documented 98.7% chance of opening up your brow chakra/3rd eye. Definitely give it a go and remember to Ground first! After this video is another exercise.

Now that your 3rd eye is nice and kindled, you're going to try and move energy up and down your body with this exercise.

  • Shake out your whole body by wiggling each arm and leg separately. Rotate your head, wave your arms, kick each leg out several times as if you're shaking off mud. Do this until you feel a little energized.
  • Sit down. Take 15 deep breathes in and out, breathing with your stomach and not your chest. That is inhaling vertically, sucking air in to your stomach so that your diaphragm is pulling downward. Your chest shouldn't be heaving forward. If this takes practice take your time.
  • With each inhale, imagine the air as white light entering you.
  • Now that you have cleared everything out through deep breathes, focus on the area right below the belly button. 
  • Take more deep breathes, with each breathe count to 5, hold for 2 seconds, then exhale slowly. With each breath inward imagine energy from all around you building up into a ball right below the navel.
  • Take 10 of these deep breathes and let the energy build up below the navel until you feel a warmth or vibration in that belly area.
  • On the 10th breath, see it turn into a ball of fire, and let that ball roll up to your brow chakra.
  • If it doesn't go up the first time successfully, try it again. Think of it as trying to get a ball in a hoop, from below the navel up to your brow and even further up if you like. 
  • Experiment with this ball, see if you can send it to different sections of your body.
  • Send it to your right hand, then the left, then to each foot, or send it to a finger.

The more control you have over energy, the more you will be able to get it to focus in one area or section of the body. That's a good practice trick!


No Homework :P


All my lessons will be short & sweet. Part two to this will be similar.

Here is the whole curriculumPlease leave comments and questions below. Start Discussions and share your experiences.

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Very nice flower, very well done!!...No homework people do it now :)

Thanks Adam! Hehe yes I'm thinking the homework is in the exercises now. 

haha...Do it at home or anywhere ppl...But pls do it !

I first found this on youtube, long before even subscribing to this netwok, and have tried this exercise and I found it to be so amazingly effective that I shared with all my close friends and family :) .  I did so with the 1 hour version.  It is almost addictive. 

That's awesome that it works for you. I think a lot of people have problems putting what they know and learn into action, that next step can be the most difficult. The video definitely helps.


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