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Title says it all really. Any chance we could get one? Or am I being really dull and missing a group already there? I don't even know where I'm posting this. Apologies for being a noob.

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Not sure if there's already one, as I'm also fairly new, but I'd be interested in joining.

And you're in the introductions forum, BTW. ;-)

Lol, well hi in that case, cheers for the reply.  :)

No worries, and nice to meet you. :-) So, what's your favourite entheogen?

Salvia at the mo, she's a bit of a temptress in a strange way and at times rather frightening, but always very interesting and enlightening if you can puzzle it out . Yourself?

I've only ever tried mushrooms - and cannabis, though I'm not sure that really counts...

I'd really like to go to the US to do a peyote ceremony. I have a (virtual) friend out there who did and who had an amazing experience. I'll try to dig up an article she wrote about treating depression with a certain entheogen (I can't remember which right now). It was really interesting.

Where do you get the salvia from?

I don't want to be too specific, some websites have rules about that sort of thing, but it's legal in the UK, so a Google search should bring up lots of results. I became really interested in the link between them and depression after I noticed that with Divinorum, no matter whether the experience was 'good' or 'bad', sometimes for days afterwards I would have this amazing afterglow, felt great.

Okay, that's what I was wondering. I'll have a look. Why don't you set up a group? You seem to be a bit of an expert...

I wouldn't call myself an expert by any means, but would be happy to set one up. Can noobs set up groups?

I assume so. It may have to be approved by an admin, but there are so many groups they must approve most. You may have to add a rule saying no public discussion of illegal suppliers or something similar, just to protect the site owner...

Go to the groups page and see - you just press the 'add' button in the top-right of the page.

Think I got it ta. :)

I just found the most hilarious UK website selling salvia, but warning they definitely don't advocate using it and - despite describing how to smoke it - saying they'll refuse to sell it to you if they believe you will do so. *lol*

Silly legal loopholes...

Lol, I should probably write something similar on the group page. Just in case. :P


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