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Today i had the misfortune of learning that religious acceptance is not awake in the world.Of late i have been having a falling out of sorts with many of my "friends"...This because i chose to share my interest in a path that is broader than dogmatic Christianity..They all began to shun me per say...i feel like a heretic in the 16th century lol...Is this common among us and if so how do u all cope?Also should i be looking for new friends since all of mine are apparently turning away from friend even suggested i practice unfortunate...i really loved my friends to bad they didn't really loveme

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Sometimes we learn the value of silence, and as for religious zealots of any kind i ask them questions. If they are secure in their belief then they should be okay having discussion about what christ means in a broader sense. In these cases its too easy to close our own mind up and think we are somehow better than them.

yea i agree i shouldve kept my mouth shut....and as soon as i proposed unorthodox questions the feces hit the fan and all minds closed lol now i find myself hermiticized lol guess it time to find new this is getting old...i guess the more we grow the more we out grow our friends...

Losing "friends" is one of the first consequences of seeking higher knowledge. The higher your vibration, the harder it is to relate with those of lower vibrations and vice versa.

Do not fret. An entire community of awakened souls awaits your companionship. As few of us there are, we hide in plain sight. All you need to know is where to look! This site is one of many.
Ty very much mo i appreciate that i guess this is a sign of growth

Mo Javi speaks the truth. Old friends are precious memories. This community really does make the most of "vibes".

Ty u guys i appreciate it...its refreshing to finally have somewhere to go to speak with on such matters

First I commend you for the strength to brake the lashings of your religion. I think that a Pastor Melissa Scott said the origin of meaning is to be lashed to you beliefs regardless of every thing else. As for the friends, I would say be their example. It is like many see lose threads in many things but feel pulling on the threads may cause all to unravel. Giving them time to see how much value there is in fallowing your own light for your path. And any that are true friends will encourage you to seek your path. And you do have many friends here, you just haven't met them yet!

Ty is your words are both beautiful and for being the example that's exactly what I'm trying to do act how we should instead of try to explain what's I perceive to be right it's better I show them then dispute theological the end of the day it's about love and honor before right or wrong..really those things are trivial to a transcendent God but love is transcendent.
I too have had similar experiences in sharing spiritual truths beyond traditional Christianity. I have learned that I too was once in a lower vibration. They too must follow their truth without us infringing on their free will. To thine own self be true. As mentioned those who are truly your friends will allow you to be who you are without judgment. I encourage you to step into the next version of yourself. You are not alone.

I fully understand you. I truly believe in Jesus, big parts of my life where accompanied by the christian-orthodox world. Well the church knows a lot about sin and it's details, temptation and the struggles of the soul and the spirit. I does not change that the church condemns beliefs in Reincarnation or even the POSSIBILITY of this phenomenon without a regular basis like the Hindus and the Buddhists believe... it does not change I followed my church and first of all the first rule: Make your own relationship with God. Well that's exactly what I did! I asked God and HE HIMSELF told me abour reincarnation and made me remember lots of my past lifes. Also in this life now, I believe that Jesus is God. It does not change nor delete my belief in Reincarnation. I understand how you feel. The regressive church teachings do not allow to ask God for wonders. Although the bible is full of God's wonders and presence on earth. Why do I have to explain my orthodox father(who is very believing in God the Almighty) that God KNOWS even how he feels? The church makes idiots of the christian believers so they loose connection to logic and God, who is logic. Of course God knows how you feel, I had to explain to my father. I also experience judgement of my experiences even on esotericforums. So I created my own forum. Maybe this is for you? but it is not only about your own belief also about twin flame love experience. 

Love that's pure won't lead you astray
Won't hold you back, won't mess up your day
Won't pervert you, corrupt you with stupid wishes
It don't make you envious. It won't make you suspicious.

Love that's pure ain't no accident
Always on time, is always content
An eternal flame, quietly burning
Never need to be proud, nor restless yearning.
You don't want a love that's pure
You want to drown love
You want a watered-down love.

Bob Dylan "Watered Down Love"

Unfortunately for you to grow, you will shed a shell or two. That does not mean that you become a child sacraficing satanists. No, you become more free to see the world as it is truly presented. Cling on to no thing or belief...just see with your own spiritual sense.


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