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Goal: To open a conversation about the torah, the prophets, and the rest of the biblical books:

Has anyone attempted to read the books like a true member/initiate of the tribes of Israel?

In theology, they look at the words, word count, reoccurrence of various words and themes, and languages. No one asks what the terms meant in terms of the priesthood and prophets interpretations.

For example, the book of Daniel has a lot of dream interpretation. Yet, when the book is read, no one tries to understand the symbolism used by Daniel to interpret the dreams. Everyone makes a doctrine out of what the dream symbolizes prophetically. Yet, the interpretation used in this book is understood as Peshar. What is Peshar amongst the priests, kings, and prophets?

Concerning the Torah, during the time when Moses had received the torah, there were not only the tribes of Israel, but it was the levi priests and the 70 elders. Each priest and elder alike carried a specific burden to Israel. Moses, if I read correctly, had a separate priesthood from Aaron--despite the fact that Moses is a Levite. Moses is also a high priest. What does it mean to be anointed to be high priest? Also, could it be possible that Moses also was a priesthood by the oath of Melchizedek?

Does anyone else notice that the people in the books knew how to interpret dreams, invoke the presence of God, understood rituals for the lunar calendar, and they understood their inheritance was more than just the promised land--they understood that the inheritance included a priesthood, the books and relics of the priesthood, the occult/divine knowledge, and many more things???

Can we talk?

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I am very interested in this topic, but have little yet to contribute to the conversation. I have started on a copy of the Old Testament (translated directly from Aramaic, it claims, and available on Google Books, free). To be honest, it becomes hard to focus, reading over and over about how old so and so is, and the next guy. Maybe I am too focused on starting from the beginning and going straight through. I am open to approaching things differently. Perhaps I should start with Daniel? Or do you have an interesting suggestion?

Sometimes, when you read the books of the bible, it helps if you have some music or a read along CD to follow. As far as starting on the book of Daniel, I believe you can start anywhere you want! I started in Genesis and read the prophets last. 

Above all things, you should remember this: do not read with any preconceived doctrines or notions. So, until you see something in your reading, you have to keep reading to find out a fact or scriptural statement.

Thanks for the suggestions. I am finding the non-linear reading keeps me more curious.  I will certainly keep avoiding reading the interpretations of others, at least the first time through a section, to help avoid preconceptions. 


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