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Have looked at a number of posts in joining the site and as Trimegistus recently asked people to get more involved thought I would explain why I have not felt comfortable.

I cannot see that any path can be devoid of looking at what is around us, and being moved or saddened by it. So far tended to find most posts that I have read focussed on a sort of intellectual spiritualism...that seemed to have little soul to me (sorry). not sure how we can consider ourselves enlightened until we can see things beyond our egos....sorry again and perhaps I have just not read enough material...just my view and nothing more so no need to get upset.

Sorry but felt that as I have limited time, I love to get perpectives, but right now unless I can see a number of people looking at the macroscopic as well as the microscopic then I do not feel able to committ to discussion very often.

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I am sorry you feel that way, however a large number of posts have been directly associated with elimination or control of the Ego.

Please consider that not replying or posting because you do not feel the community at large is not at a place where you would like them to be may be doing a disservice to the community, or maybe not, but may never find out.
It might also be mentioned, that email was instructional material written for and directed at new members, ironically could it be the ego that thought it was talking to you ;) Hmmm, something to ponder I suppose?
Hi Trimegistus,

Dont think anything was directed at me in particular. I am just saying that I have looked at some posts and found that I did not see many areas where I wanted to contribute because of the distanced way that the communication appeared to be. I do love reading the material, it was the forums that you asked us to get involved with and this is where my time prevents me getting inolved unless there appears to be something to get my teeth into...intellectualising (not saying that you do this Trimegistus) matters of the path...which should be experiential...seems to me to be a waste of time and misses the point. Sorry when I have more time I will offer some quotes form the forums to express what I mean. Hope that helps.

I will of course keep reading the material and if i see an opportunity in the future I promise to get involved. Thanks.
Perhaps you weren't aware of my latest blog post ;) It seems to be discussing the exact opposite, would you agree after reading it? Many others here are posting along the same lines.

Just a thought, but have you given much thought to providing something for others to grind their teeth into instead on relying on resonating with something that came from someone else? Many enjoying just taking it in, and replying if they wish, but since you are not interested in what others have been saying, this may be a decent reconciliation for you.

Passing it on to others in this manner really just doesn't seem constructive in my opinion. Please just remember, that was a welcome email to new members telling them how they CAN participate.

If you don't feel like it, there is nothing wrong with that, no worries at all - however choosing to write and tell others that you don't participate because you feel they are wasting their time and missing the point wasn't necessary.
Well I was suggesting that some of the posts I did not find helpful or encouraging. That I should be perfectly able to do in a democratic environment.

I saw posts that were critical of others also but then perhaps they thought that they were entitled too. Not the best place to start offerings where teeth may be applied to your posts when a more balanced environment would be more appealing.

It may just be that I have not had the chance to involve myself properly in which case forgive me.
No need to feel bad about at all if you do, it is entirely up to you if you would like to post or not. No one thinks good or bad of you either way, especially not myself.
Thank you my friend. Will hope to make more contribution in due many things happening in my life at the moment and trying to understand the metaphysical forces behind it all.
Bitter party of one lol!
Set an example for us then. Instead of being anti other peoples posts try being pro your own. You're not participating because we're not on your level? Please. All the knowledge and intellect in the world is wasted on a person if they haven't mastered the simple art of humbleness. Funny that you mentioned egos, your post reeked of egoism (in my opinion).
Well I guess humility isn't your strong point, thats ok nobody's perfect.
Well this response does not reflect well on you, whoever you are. I explained myself and maybe if you were not happy you might have used your wisdom and asked which posts I found unhelpful.

I am merely expressing my desire to look at the material and join in when I can. I have made some contribution already, but this response was intended for Trimegistus really to say that I am still with him and like the work, just don't want to involve myself at this stage more than that until I find time and a thread I wish to pursue.

Odd that you found it so challenging. Perhaps you felt it was directed at you...oh well, some people do think the world revolves around them and their view. perhaps I was right to say that I dont want to participate (at this time) to avoid responses like yours. It just wastes time and energy when we could be doing something more constuctive.

Thanks for your example of "egolessness" and "humility", really enjoyed it (sarcasm..come on in).

Also to Trimegistus. I just wish to reiterate I was not getting at you and am grateful for your site. I feel that often on forums, there are so many differing backgrounds and language issues that often it takes a long time to determine that we are singing from the same hymn sheet in the use of terms, before any one can get their teeth into a matter.

I browsed in the past and found one of two posts that somewhat put me off. I think it was regarding issues such as 9/11 and the nature of those who thought this was an inside job or conspiracy. The conclusion appeared to be that these viewpoints were not rational, but those that blindly accepted matrix authority was rational. I did not get a good feeling that this person had any idea about what we are living in/experiencing. So if I am in ego or in some way arrogant for feeling that then so be it. Maybe I have more to learn than you or this person who accepts what his superiors tell him.

Just a thought, I am probably wrong.
That inst what may make it seem of ego or arrogance, its that you are using your judgment of others to determine your own actions here on the site. Who cares if someone made a post you don't like, that should be even more motivation to post your own perspective.

Everyone here is at different levels of understanding, and we should all try to respect that, and just do our own thing.
Post my own perspective and run the risk of being classed as arrogant, egotistic and judgemental??? Not me....I'll leave that up to you "superior" and "more enlightened" types.

If only you could see how far off the mark you are (as the only people who have judged anyone directly is you and your fellow responder. I merely stated that I did not agree with an opinion I never judged anyone. Thanks but no thanks.


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