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Have looked at a number of posts in joining the site and as Trimegistus recently asked people to get more involved thought I would explain why I have not felt comfortable.

I cannot see that any path can be devoid of looking at what is around us, and being moved or saddened by it. So far tended to find most posts that I have read focussed on a sort of intellectual spiritualism...that seemed to have little soul to me (sorry). not sure how we can consider ourselves enlightened until we can see things beyond our egos....sorry again and perhaps I have just not read enough material...just my view and nothing more so no need to get upset.

Sorry but felt that as I have limited time, I love to get perpectives, but right now unless I can see a number of people looking at the macroscopic as well as the microscopic then I do not feel able to committ to discussion very often.

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Posting your perspective on Esoteric topics wont get you classified as any of those things. Referring to other peoples posts as soulless might though lol.
You would really have to know which posts maybe. I only looked at a couple which appeared imbued with spiritual materialism issues.

This is just my perspective on just a couple so dont take it to heart. The rest are no doubt of the highest spirtutal order (and enormously soulful) and when I get round to it i am sure I will feel much more at home. Thanks
Well said, no hard feelings.


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