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Hello everyone,just thought I would introduce myself as I have just joined the site.A big thankyou to whoever made it possible!

My name is Philip and I have more questions than answers.My concious journey started about

10 years ago when I could no longer accept the reality I had created and needed help to change it.

My life instantly became a lot more interesting and mysterious,and continues to be so.

I am looking forward to sharing this experience with you all.

Social networking online is a totally new experience  to me and a little bit daunting,I have mainly worked alone and communicated the bits that i couldnt express about myself through painting.

I am interested in anything that picks up the thread,which for me started with the lady of Shallott,jung,alchemy synchronicity,DR John Dee,holographs

My mind is open sometimes to the collective, but mostly its all about me( im working on it)

Big Love


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Greetings Philip!....Many Blessings on your path!!

Hi Natalie,thanks for the greeting,really enjoying what I found on the site.


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