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Their are guardian demons. these are for those who are "rare in spirit". Those who are rare can go in between and have been here since before the spiritual split.  No one should worship guardian demons. Guardian demons respect and are friends with those that they guard and protect.

No one should think about summoning a demon in order to control them.  Every demon is a threat to the summoner in its own right. no one should with a guardian demon feel threatened. Absolutely no one should summon any being with out knowing the background or how dangerous they are.

Let this be a warning to those who seek to control....Don't...or else the one you want to control destroys you. And No one should say a demons name just to try it out or for fun.

PS I do not worship them. I am one with both guardian angels and guardian demons. I have not made any contract in this life with them. I have not or wish to control any being all are my friends.

I have as a primary guardian demon An., He is my friend. I feel no threat from him. An. is Highly dangerous to all Summoners and no one should summon

if you do read this and still summon any well i warned you...I have not nor will ever summon a demon. I may call on them but it is by their own will they come. I will not summon just as I have never summoned an angel.

Every being comes to me of their own will whether i have a connection to them or not.I have a healthy interest in all beings. I'm not afraid to say a demons name or talk to them with saying their name. if they respond or listen is up to them. lol...I have never been afraid. Nor will anyone change my mind. I respect them they respect me...except the younger ones...they do not remember me until they try to control me...then I fight back....and then they see who and what i am.

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