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A quick introduction and hello to you all...

I'm a student of pretty much anything and everything that helps me to hone and shape my understanding of life, nature and how it all works ~ an understanding that is continually shifting and developing.

Just as many of you have likely experienced, I have always been labelled 'different' - that's 'different' as in the euphemistic term for 'strange', 'weird', so on and so forth! I never minded though. I'm thinker. II feel things deeply and am eternally curious and wouldn't have it any other way. I grew up feeling like I had been thrown into a rather cold and unfamiliar place, with no map, compass and the natives speaking an entirely different language and being none-too-friendly! I spent a long time looking for 'home', wherever that was, only to eventually find I was carrying it inside of me all the time! It always shocked me to realise that people didn't necessarily view life the same as me, the first time that really hit being when a school friend confessed she was scared of death and I couldn't quite get my head around why...Anyways, I'm sure its not so different to any of your stories.

I've been an avid star watcher since I was a teenager which later developed into a love of karmic astrology, psychological alchemy and Hermetic teachings, though in truth I don't subscribe to any one branch of philosophy or spiritualism and collect knowledge from everywhere if it feels like truth.

So there's my not-so-quick introduction! Lovely to meet you and look forward to throwing some questions and thoughts out there sometime soon..much love

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Hi emma, good to have u with us, welcome

Its great to meet you and to get to know a bit about you Emma! I am to lover of the stars and I keep track of them all year out here in the country (even plan my dog walks around my night sky love affair ;D). 

It's great to have you with us, and I look forward to seeing you around! 

Many blessings :) 

Thank you :) appreciate the welcome and kind it here already :)

Your not different.... You just have a gift :) 

Have a read of my feed and see if the type of posts I have there resginate! 


A warm EO welcome to you Emma, I'm glad you found home within cause that's where God lives....we are One!
Welcome I guess I just joined too you are a beautiful woman and wise your practices are impressive. Although I'm not affraid of death I have been seeking "home" for a long time and never really realized it. Id love to be your friend.

Welcome to EO it's great to have you with us! The stars are truly mesmerizing, and the synergy that the earth has with the heavens, a cosmic symphony...


Welcome to the forum. Nice to meet you.

Wow I  am amazed by how this introduction fits perfectly with me too...welcome & good luck seeker ;)


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