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I've been poking around for a couple weeks now, adding some stuff here and there. I'm happy to have found this site!

I've been a solo practitioner of magick since I was a kid, almost 20 years ago now. (wow, that makes me feel old!) I've remained solo mostly because my interests are kind of all over the map and I don't adhere to any one system, like you might find in covens, lodges, etc.

I'm always looking to learn some new things and have found some great resources on here already. Kudos to everyone who has added to the site!

I have a pretty giant Occult eBook collection that I have collected over years, so feel free to message me if you are looking for something and I'll help if I can!

Oh, and if anyone is a memeber if and willing to throw me an invite, that would surely be some good karma on your part! lol... and greatly appreciated.





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Pls do u have books by marcus bottomley,i like to read his books. thanks. bless be.


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