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Hello, and thank you for allowing me to join this community! :D

My name is Penny, and I currently live in Forsyth, Missouri. Nobody really knows where Forsyth is, so I usually mention Branson.

Lately I have had this burning desire to learn, so I have been reading a lot of material. While searching for reading material  (Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East), I came across this site and immediately knew I wanted to join. I believe here I can learn a lot from many of you.

Thanks again, and looking forward to meeting new people on their journey through life

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Hi nice to meet you penny, and welcome to esoteric . smiles, x

Thank you Seaopal! I'm really glad I found this site.  :D

Hi there Penny, thank you for the introduction and again, welcome - it was and has been great to meet you, and I look to speaking with you further :)

 I have long searched for truth ,. I concluded that the information is here but it is contaminated, also man wrestles with the incompetence of his own mind ,which is for the most part a deceiver and misleads ,. so how can we live by truth/ only by surrender to a higher divine knowledge which is our creator,. for man of himself is incapable of deciphering the truth and liberating himself,.however did we come to find ourselves amidst this incompleteness .? and to add insult ,. it is our own ignorance that holds us prisoners ,. I believe we are in deep sh-t and we complacently all continue to live in ignorance or at the most thinking we know and unknowingly not knowing ,. and this is the mystery ,. How do we overcome and get out of this mess?

A pleasure to meet you. I am also new here and looking forward to walking my spiritual path, which has always been solitary, with fellow travelers.

I'm new here as well. I just joined today. Welcome though! I too am looking forward to meeting new like-minded people. I look forward to sharing my knowledge with others, and receiving feedback.


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