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Sorry you won't get a discourse in the areas of my study, as I've been studying so many things over so many years, I'd no doubt forget to list them all. I've had a lifelong interest in the esoteric (possibly something I brought with me into this life from my previous ones.. if you believe in that)...
I couldn't say when it began, nor where it will end, no doubt it is just something I'm here to experience.
I'm aware that enlightenment is but a fleeting second, a brief moment, then life continues. I know that no one person on here is better than anyone else, just that some people here know more about some things than other people.
I look forward to diving into the water here and seeing what everyone is saying/doing... and hopefully adding informed discourse to the discussions.

I will share something though... for those interested in dreams... I had a dream last night that I met Aliester Crowley in India.. he was a youngish man, and I was introduced to him by an older person. There was some scandal involving a Princess, or daughter of someone rather high up in Indian society... Don't know if anyone knows anything about this, or what it means, or that it could just be my brain playing me up!

I'd be interested in what anyone has to say about it.. sarcastic comments can be left, I promise not to take offence :-)

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The dream is quite interesting. But to begin to explore and amplify it would be very important to know your perception of Aleister Crowley, how you view India, especially if you have done Indian type practices - tantra, yoga, etc.

You left this a long time ago . . . maybe you are still curious. I am curious about you. 
Love and Blessings,

Very nice introduction, wyldwych. It is difficult, for sure, to sum up a mystical life of studies and pearls and loves, all in a few paragraphs. Cyber-space can be kind that way, tho, it keeps on expanding so one may as well take plenty of time with the adding in.

Cool dream about Crowley. He's the kind of world figure that can serve as a marker - however his mysticism relates to yours is valid and fun. I had a dream last night where I was on stage with Tom Petty singing "Something in the Air". All went well - even though the microphone cord wrapped around my feet and I had to sit down mid-performance to untangle!


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