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Soo just to introduce myself, my name is Bree. I am a 'dreamer' and empath who also learned to read auras quite a few years ago, working towards becoming a healer, and recently began astral projecting. I am still working on focusing my astral projection, as so far it has been a little scattered, so if anyone has any suggestions please let me know! As far as healing goes the technique I am focused on is one I've come to call soul-weaving, or auric-weaving. The basis of this is the idea that the auric field is quite literally made up of threads of energy woven in intricate patterns unique to each individual that become frayed and dismantle when the persons energy has been damaged. I've heard of this term once in an article online, but they didn't actually explain it so I'm not even sure if their talking about the same thing I am thinking of. The idea came first in dreams of me doing this, and was confirmed in an astral projection recently that showed the same image of the dream, and then showed me myself, in this body from a birds-eye-view, in which I could see the threads of my own auric field and proceeded to do a self-healing using this method. This is another thing that I am very anxious to find information on, so if you've seen it elsewhere or have done it, or have seen the patterns even please let me know!

Anyways, about myself. I am really just a knowledge seeker at heart, and will never stop doing so ^_^ I am a writer, and I craft in many forms. Sewing, leather-work, macrame, and am soon to take up tatting. I am fascinated with celtic culture, so celtic knots have been an important part of my life, and recently started connecting more dots between sacred geometry and ancient chinese, tibetan, and indian knots. Truly fascinating.

Also I do tarot readings, so if anyone is interested it always works best in person but certainly can still be done, so let me know if you would like one :)

My interest is to learn from my peers, and to give in return, so please do not be strangers ^_^

Blessings, and Namaste, my friends

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