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how to reprogram the mind and cleanse it of all the previous mental/toxens? how to re-wire and start new??

Hello Everyone,

I'm finding trouble in rewiring my mind and detoxing it from all the past and negative experiences. I do think a lot by nature and life situations and living here are not the easiest.

A bit of background on me so we maybe speak the same language and be on a similar wavelength: in keywords: self development/taoism/martial arts & discipline/manly p.hall/ spirituality/ god is one/ mystics are brothers/ quantum physics/ ascension.

Thanks all.


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Feeling emotions, allowing them to come up and watch them with out judgement or grasping too  much.

For my personal experience as emotions circulate and have space.. they tend to decompress and flow more gently. There are a lot of emotions damned up inside and this allows them to stagnate and a damned creek. We gotta let it flow then it will find a more healthy equilibrium. 

Watching thoughts and detaching from them has helped me with thoughts, they KEY is CONSISTENT MEDITATION...SIMPLE thought/body or emotion watching. Even if only 15 minutes/day, the results come from consistency.

Staying away from mass media and not adding more garbage helps purify the thoughts and emotions.

And last but not least HARMONIZE WITH YOUR INNER DEITY, thru sitting with it silently and and asking it for advice! 

Hope this contributes!

Hypnosis and going into your own subconscious mind can be a profound way for self exploration.  

yup. doing that and getting to know my shadow. thank you for your reply Sunmover

Thank you so much Arjun. 4 years laters, i know. I lost my login details and been able to newly come back. Cheers.

Hi there!
About this subject few years ago i was preocupated of it and in my searches i found an shamanic ritual, very good with great result.
if you are interesting, just let me know!
We are all here to serve!
Love and light!
I would love to get this from you! I definitely am struggling in this area

hello there. Ayahuasca ceremony maybe?

First of all one have to realized that this cleansing is a long and at times very painful task and requires  "Conscious Suffering," "Courage," perseverance and "Objective Guidance.   There is a "Path" called "The Fourth Way" founded by George Ivanovich Gurdijeff and Peter Ouspenski that clearly teaches some of the aspects of the beginning of the "Great Work.  Be carful because many people want to be clean in this path but very few comprehend that it means "Work" yes, to clean your inner world means "Work" a lot of work, commitment, and one must learn what you are going to give and how you are going to pay.  One must be honest and do not thinks that in order to clean our minds/soul/inner world, etc. one only need to which it.  There are many difficulties, obstacles, and illusions that are and impediment in the realization of this goal.  Before one can "Do" one have to acquire some qualities that nature gave to us only as a "Seed" as a possibility that one must develop through "Conscious Efforts" and help from both realms, the physical; other human beings that have the knowledge of the "Way" and the help that comes from Above only when we are making the right efforts. With your own efforts alone will never be able to accomplish it.  In the process of purification on must be very patience because unlike computers that can be clean by just pressing the key delete, the human corrupted files of our mind have to be cleaned 'little by little" and in real time no just by thinking, you must struggle with your own weaknesses to destroy those files in real time and our "Life become our Master" you must go to battle and like Saint George" kill de "Dragon" that prevents you for seeing the "Fountain of the Living Water" that will cleanse you and cure all the diseases of your soul and Spirit.  Before we can start the "Great Labor of Regeneration" one must learn Thyself through self observation.  That is our first Labor because through the process of self-observation one learns how poor one really is spiritually.

Thank you very much Carlos! I do indeed realize it is work. no magic pill. spiritual path is service and self work, and so is self development. thank you so much for your post and I shall look into the 4th way! thanks again.

I recently asked myself a similar question. Paganism came to the surface

and this is the chain on my soul, not christianity as i am a christian by record.

Our genes transfer characteristics of all sorts,

including desires,habits, passions etc. Epigenetics proves it.

So this must be inclusive which led me to better understand my pagan

programming. The christian programming is simple and derived from

the heathen framework - a mere variant adopted and adapted to charity, kindness, blood-free and more humane treatment of the masses.

I would suggest we all address our pagan side which will be very dark

for many of us. I go as far to suggest that schizophrenia is a product

of intense heathen activity in the distant past, a witch or priest perhaps.

Also, notice how the crown continues to 'impose' this framework

upon us ; christmas, haloween just two examples. Heathen mechanics

belong to royalty - it is the founding of the crown itself.[magic spells in tombs]

Unintended duplicate sorry.

a new way to look at it. I have indeed recognized patterns, and I do a lot of self analysis. I have indeed learned from "some" of the repeated lessons. though i do stand helpless in some of the vicious cycles that do not tend to change. trying still to change the way i perceive them and look at them.

As for guides, I think my martial arts Sensei is one. no animals sadly


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