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how to reprogram the mind and cleanse it of all the previous mental/toxens? how to re-wire and start new??

Hello Everyone,

I'm finding trouble in rewiring my mind and detoxing it from all the past and negative experiences. I do think a lot by nature and life situations and living here are not the easiest.

A bit of background on me so we maybe speak the same language and be on a similar wavelength: in keywords: self development/taoism/martial arts & discipline/manly p.hall/ spirituality/ god is one/ mystics are brothers/ quantum physics/ ascension.

Thanks all.


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Stand between good and bad. Between words of different realities. And relax there. It's unlimited. Peace be with you
Well said that's where I'm finding my center

you reminded me of something i've been recently think of. I feel that i'm in an "absolute" identity. as in, I understand both opposites and both sides, and I don't take one as part of me...the paralyzed spectator...which is making me uncomfortable because i can not know where do I stand when it comes to certain things!!! you know?

Your desire to purge or purify the mind is very commendable. I have found the most effective way is simply to watch your thoughts and feelings - become the watcher. And by doing so you discover the underlying beliefs that generate those thoughts along with your hidden motives. It's quite an education ! By seeing what's going on in your mind, you become free of all the unconscious turmoil. The mind becomes quiet and orderly. Thus is all beautifully explained in the book The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.

that's true indeed. I do need to get to "practice". although sometimes when you're under depression, you feel 0 energy. it's all energy i do get that. and i do get that i need to stop this vicious cycle in my brain that's draining me to change my energy and wavelength and be able to emerge and come out of it.

Thanks a lot Ned.

Try meditating with binaural beats and isochronic tones or subliminal messaging. You can find videos on youtube. Just search for those key words. Peace be with you. Namaste. <3

is there a certain one that you recommend? thanks a lot Jennifer

Christopher Hyatt's undoing yourself with energized meditation

I shall look into it. thank you very much for your recommendation.

Being a 'thinker' myself and recently starting over at the most very basic level to become re-new-wed, i offer the following suggestion: focus on what you want and love yourself enough to let it come to you. If you focus too much on the old, the negative and the past this will only serve to attach them more to you. Every new day is a new chance to start afresh, to re 'new' yourself and let what is past pass by from you, or at least let the emotions that are holding the past too you diminish in strength until they fade entirely. We cannot change the past but we can learn to accept it for what it was and then get on with doing what we are meant to, grow from and through it to something greater.

I agree with your comment that God is One and would add that God is equally no Thing; God is also Every Thing and God is One Thing - all at the same time! In this way God is 3 'things' in One and is nothing we can fully comprehend at one time, in our finite human mind and body. God is to us, Infinite, beyond all understanding and yet is so simple that a child can be as One with God. (Some would say it is indeed necessary to be 'Born Again', and become as a child, (have no preconceptions) to more fully be at one with God).

 A Unity of all things, A Duality of two equally important concepts and a Trinity of equally vital components and enveloped in no-thingness. All or nothing. A nothing we are to be as One with.

God is within you. <3


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