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Matching your aura with environment

When we match vibrational frequencies (spectra) of what we wear with these emitted naturally by our body and mind we seem to create conditions to experience a state of harmony which is quite unique. The effect can be compared to “tuning” of a musical instrument. Without tuning, all you can make with the instrument is noise, rather than a harmonious music. Essentially there are 3 techniques for matching you Aura with surroundings:

  • Matching your strong point. When we learn what are "strong points" (dominant colors) in our own Aura we can attempt to match our surroundings or clothes with our Aura. Re-decorating our home to achieve a better match will result in a positive stimulation of our psyche and will help to promote our well being in many aspects. According to what Nature does to stimulate us, we should use Auric color pairs aiming for such a match. For example if your Aura is predominantly green, you should use green as well as a light pink in your decorations or apparels.
  • Match our surroundings to the frequencies of thoughts. Frequencies of thoughts were described in the Section dealing with meaning of colors in the Aura. For example, if you think about relaxing your mind (a blue thought) blue surroundings will amplify your thought. Note, that when you come out of the house in the morning and the sky is perfectly blue - you feel relaxed before you have the time to think about anything else. This is because any thought in the direction of relaxing the mind is assisted by blue vibration of the sky. When the sky is gray, you have depressing thoughts before you notice it. Note that blue jeans fashion is very popular, because it assists us in achieving a relaxed mind. Trying to promote brown jeans may prove quite useless.
  • Match the frequency distribution along the body. This seems to be the Ultimate Natural stimulation, but requires specially designed clothes such as the Chakra Shirt. Results seem to be quite similar to the action of the acupuncture, but instead of needles a set of 16 key colors is used. Some spectacular improvements in people's bio-energy field (Aura) have been observed within minutes of putting it on.

In any case, use of clean, near monochromatic (rainbow) colors seems essential. They can be subtle and delicate, but they should contain a distinctly clean "rainbow" harmonics of vibration.

Left: Improvement to human bioenergy field after a few minutes of bioresonant color stimulation. Composite reconstruction of human bioenergy field using the method of Korotkov.

Suppressing the Aura

Things which seem to reduce, muffle or distort your bio-energy (Aura) are:

  • FEAR, stress, anxiety, hatred, envy, jealousy or any other negative thought or feeling.
  • Physical crisis in your body - disease, artificial stimulation (drugs) etc.. These can show a temporary increase in the aura size - this effect is similar to the effect of your body raising the temperature during sickness. You need to learn to READ the Aura to diagnose such a crisis. Most likely such increased Aura will be white.
  • Clothes and the environment clashing with your Aura. Dull colored clothes absorb your bio-energy rather than harmoniously enhancing it. It is interesting to note that males on Earth die much earlier than females, regardless of their cultural and ethnic background, diet etc. In my opinion it is related to the fact that males dress in black or gray colors for the most of their lives and rarely use colors. Females use much more colors in their garments and change them frequently. Interestingly, many male birds in Nature are much brighter colored than females. And THEY live longer. Nature always gives us a hint. All we need to do is observe it and adopt ideas from it. An immediate effect of wearing gray, black or brown clothes seems that that they make you tired quicker. Have you noticed that young people today look MUCH OLDER than they should?

Isn't it logical that we should avoid all of the above if possible? “Cultivating” any of the above for prolonged time can have a permanent effect on your psyche and your Aura.

Astral Body

Frequently, the astral body is mistaken for the aura. Astral body is THE most important, eternal part of us, because our consciousness is embedded in it. Vibration of the aura stop when our physical body dies. The astral body is eternal: its life span is about 10e22 years, which approaches the lifetime of the Universe (it is quite a while). The astral body is an electronic mass containing about 4e21 (4,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) electrons. (see The Book).

Our physicists are yet to discover, that electrons in our astral body have tremendous memory capacity, and they in fact contain information and intelligence that controls all functions of our mind and body, including all healing processes. This astral body is actually true "us". Using a computer jargon, our physical body is the hardware, equipped with sensors, transmitters, receivers and actuators, and the electronic astral body contains the software, memory, data storage as well as the consciousness and the free will of the operator, deciding what to do.

It is possible that our physical bodies are imperfect, or get sick, simply because we have not yet developed our consciousness to build and control them any better. The ultimate goal is to be able to consciously control activity of every cell in our body and in particular to regenerate (rejuvenate) them at will. If we can accomplish this, we will be forever young and it will be up to us when and how we want to change our physical bodies. Also we will have a complete freedom to be either in the physical body (needed as a tool if you want to help others) or join the Source of consciousness, staying in your astral body. Imagine the joy and the fun we can have then. This is not a dream. This is reality.

There are only 2 things that can damage the information stored in our astral body and hurt us for many lifetimes to come: drugs and a loud noise .

Experiment to see your own astral body : Make both your index fingers nearly touching each other, preferably in font of a dark, matt background. Black background is OK. Look between fingers and around them and note, that the background close to your fingers is brighter. A bluish transparent and slightly shining glow responsible for this is actually a part of your astral electronic body. By joining your hands you close an electronic circuit, making the astral body more visible. The shape of your electronic astral body follows closely your physical body. Some people have their astral body quite strong and shiny, extending 10 mm or more beyond their physical body. Typically, 2-4 mm is considered average for a healthy person on Earth.


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