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I am delighted to re-join this group after an absence of more than several years

Hello everyone, Seagypsy here. I have been away for several years as we were bringing our trawler from Hawaii to southwest Florida to sell. My sweet Dave passed one month ago. He was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer in mid-2018 and I have nursed him through chemo since then. A horrible experience all of the way around - - - unfortunately, he was a cynic and did not share my beliefs. At any rate, I am now a widow, for the second time, and plan to spend the rest of my life with my cats, in my art studio, swimming and being active in this group. Even though I am terribly sad, life is still good and I look forward to more learning.
Thank you for having me.

Nancy  xoxo

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My condolences and welcome back 

Thank you, Anki.  I appreciate your compassion. xoxo

Cherish your sweet memories, Seagypsy. And may you have more wonderful experiences to balance out the pain and loss.

It's awesome that Tris and Co. keep Esoteric Online going, as the knowledge archived just builds and builds. I hope it is always here for people whenever they feel moved to explore.

Thank you - it is hard at 80 but I am a little better every day.  Life is still good. xoxo

sorry for your loss. hopefully being back in this community will bring some peace as well. 

It would be nice to see your posts again, you've shared some really interesting stuff.  Best wishes as you continue your life.  I hope you keep experiencing purpose, happiness and fulfillment.

Welcome back Seagypsy - I'm sorry about your loss


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