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Hello mate,

Hope you are doing great so far? I hope I might get some useful ideas from this board. I am looking for a Astrology Meaning website. Does anyone know about this?

Please let me know. Thanks!

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I would like to update you again. I searched and found few website which are related to Astrology. Hope I can learn from there. Though I found lots of website but the following one has impressed me

I still need your help and positive reply. Thanks! Astrodienst

The only neat place i can recommend is

More about calculating your own horoscope but you'll find a lot of stuff about the theme.

I'm sorry I dunno how did that happen:

The sites name is

Must have overseen that kindo of Typo.



I would suggest you an online astrology prediction site that offers vedic astrology online services and much more. My personal experience has been a good one that's why I would like to recommend you the same instead of getting puzzled. 

They also have free tarot reading , horoscope predictions , online consultations etc. 


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