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I recently learned of a plant called deadly nightshade and for the last nearly 2 weeks I have encountered it. First, I found one growing in my flowerbed  know it had to sprouts up quickly because I never noticed it before. Then it sprung up in my back garden. Now nearly each day I overheard a reference to it either among people or on the TV. Does anybody have an insight as to the significance of this particular plant? Just wondering what it means.

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Thank you for the reply.

Thank you for the reply. That was helpful.

If you are referring to Belladonna, or "deadly nightshade" and not the belladonna look-a-like which is called bittersweet nightshade (belladonna has black berries and the flowers are green with a sort of faded purple on the tips of the petals, bittersweet has purple flowers and red berries and is also poisonous, otherwise they look exactly alike), then you will find there are Many spiritual attributes to the plant and to seeing it. Anton is right about the pupil dilation, women in ancient greece used to use that to dilate their pupils to make their eyes seem mysterious and alluring, and there are a few other controversial medicinal uses but i figure thats not what youre looking for. Belladonna was associated with the greek fate Astropos, otherwise known as the hand of death (basically). It has been used to commune with the dead, and to aid/guide those passing on their journey to the spirit world, and it is said that belladonna will begin to appear when someone close, or within a household is nearing their time. Now, just because that superstition exists doesnt mean that is precisely what your reoccuring sighting of it is telling you. "Death" and things that represent it often represent many other things. For example, the "death" card in tarot almost never means that you or someone you know is going to die. It means that you either need a drastic change or that drastic life change is upon you. Belladonna is also said to foretell a drastic change in ones life, and has been used in rituals to encourage changes(when it comes to things that also mean death these are pretty much always big, drastic changes, never small-there are other things for that). Belladonna is also known as the 'flying herb' (there are some strange old wives tales about witches eating it in order to fly on their broomsticks-quite the laughable tale) a more realistic reason for this name could be that shamans put it in incense or ingested very small amounts of it to induce visions and astral projection due to its hallucinogenic qualities(please dont try this, shamans were very practiced in these sorts of things and both were done in very precise amounts, incense burnt only in open air spaces, and i dont think shamans even do this anymore). Lastly, the word "belladonna" means "beautiful lady" which some simply attribute to the godesses associated with the plant, but it is also said that seeing it frequently or in your dreams can mean that either you are abusing your womanly guiles or that a beautiful woman is about to come into your life (doesnt always mean shes there for love, and the message can be left for man or woman).
That is all the theory i know on the matter ^_^ if you find that the plant youre looking at is, in fact, bittersweet nightshade, feel free to let me know and i can share some of the spiritual theories/significances of those.


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