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I am looking for a book but cannot remember what it was called, and I'm not even certain of the author! Not a good start, I know.

The reason I ask here is because I'm fairly sure I originally got it from the early version of this site's library. But I have searched all my hard drives, and ebook collection, but I cannot find it.

I'm fairly sure it was written by W.E. Butler (and, or, Gareth Knight).

And it was written for the Society of the Inner Light -- it was the Arthurian version of the initiation guide, which the Society used to use for new members.

I don't know how widely distributed it was, so I'm not sure if it was even published for public consumption, but there was a pdf (ebook) copy of it floating around sites like this one some 10 years ago, so I thought someone here might know of it, have a copy they can share, or point me towards somewhere I can get it. I've searched everywhere I can think of but had no luck!

Thank you.

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i havent heard of it sorry, i do hope u find it though

Thanks, no it isn't.

Any chance it’s The Arthurian Formula by
Dion Fortune

Thanks, no but close...

It's the guide which Butler wrote for Dion Fortune's Society for the Inner Light. I can't remember if Dion Fortune's name was attached to it. But I know that Butler (and Knight and a few others) saw some correspondences between Grail mythology and esoteric work.

Which might explain why Fortune also wrote something on Arthurian / Grail legend, it seems that was a 'thing' with these guys.

Not sure what the history was, but somehow Butler ended up writing a full pathwork using Arthurian / Grail imagery for initiates to the Society of the Inner Light. And that's what I'm trying to find -- like I said, though, I'm not sure if it was a printed book or anything, from what I recall of the copy I got, it was basically just the guide. No cover, blurb, intro, preface, index, etc.

So, probably, someone got a copy from the Society and shared it with someone, who shared it with someone, who shared it to the library here... totally unofficial -- but maybe someone still has it, like I should!

The more I think about it, the more I am fairly sure it was W.E. Butler who was the author.

Sounds like a good read. Let me know if you find it

Watch this thread!

Have you checked in the library here? Near positive I saw some W.E. Butler but unsure of the specific title.

Thanks yes I have looked but not had any lick so far.

The search feature doesn't return anything for Butler, although it doesn't seem to return anything for any search I try.

And I have looked through most (if not all) folders but haven't seen anything by Butler.

And I can't remember what the book/guide was called anyway.

  • Lords of Light: The Path of Initiation in the Western Mysteries, 1990  ?

I belonged to a similar Brotherhood in New Zealand. There were only three levels of initiations based on those of The Golden Dawn, in elements of the Arthurian version.


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