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Hi my name is Wanda Campbell, I believe all paths lead back HOME, we are all on the same journey just taking separate and unique steps to get there. I am here to learn and to teach as Creator guides me. We all have something to give and we all have lessons to learn, I think this place is one of the places I can gather and give much for the journey. I grew up experiencing all the denominations there are, my mother was what I called a church cricket, I have spent some time in the convent and am no longer catholic. I consider myself SPIRITUAL not RELIGIOUS; I follow no dogma, as I feel to do so is detrimental to the soul and leaves no room for a PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP with CREATOR. I refuse to box myself into as I do not obey any of MANS written dogmatic rules put forth only to scare people and collect moneys and to rule over women. I believe Creator expects us to question and to seek answers, not to merely take what another has said as TRUTH. Above all I KNOW Creator is all LOVING and would not send anyone to a place of torment. I know where I have come from, I know I am a true spark of the Divine and need to live thus. I am also an ordained Unitarian Universalist Minister. I hope I can impart some spiritual knowledge to help others grow and make it a bit easier for their journey.

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Hey there Wanda, good to see you- welcome to our community here at EO, I hope you find it beneficial on your journey.


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