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i suffer robbed mental-vital energy constantly, please help me!

hello many years ago y suffered a soul steal, part of my mental-vital was robbed ,devoured, after benn emotional strike that my ex maked me since that i am constantly mentaly drained, suffering alot i cant do a normal life, and i have no energy, i saw also(literally) a dark forces in the midle of all this, indeed i think that my faults open the door to this forces to act on me, bringme me to the psicological state an the circustances that all this happens. Not sure that was my ex directly o this forces using her to make me fall and after areexploiting me. Also dont know if is my ex feeding on me or this dark forces or both Anyone knows about this things or can give me any advice? how can i fix this and recover my parts. my energy back or cut this .my life is ruined, please help me. thanks

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Here's a book on the topic. Link to publisher, also saw it for $4 on eBay:

Two ideas, don't think about it. Find some earthly activity to anchor yourself to allow time and space to separate yourself from the event, or use it.
There is emotion motivating you to pen this post. Bring this emotion/energy up, and use it to empower yourself to move away from situation, physically, and mentally.

Read about the Sacral chakra.

easy fix by letting them pain you, your giving them your energy, just let go
Take sage and invoke the name Myki'el as the sage burns. Repeat this oration. Ultimately you will have to change your patterns but cleansing is a great start to clear your head in order to think straight. Please don't take offense, I'm a Scorpio, I'm very direct.


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