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We need some ideas for chat subjects, please offer yours as a reply comment.


After we have some ideas floating around, I will create a poll so we can start to vote on them for prioritizing them in scheduling.



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We could discuss:









the kybalion


              If you like to know who you are check out Alan Watts on you tube

                                                                                                                         Namaste, Love Des.  :).

focus chat subject: I could do free readings and show a different type of divination each time the event is on and answer questions on it and my psychic abilities.

Of late I have been working on the correlations between the numbers 1-9, the Great Ennead, and the Tree of Life Glyph. It is fun play and would like some playmates...

What are the steps of Adepthood into Mastery.

As one 'rises' with no proof, as ordinary human man knows it, what signs or experiences in one's life can tell us what  is truly 'Real'? 

Is a 'Job' (as in the Bible) experience in life part of the process?

(Not referring to being pinned in a Brotherhood.)

i.e .Adeptus Exemptus astride the Greater Abyss,

maybe some discussions on astral travel. and withcraft and magick would be good.


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