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We are the forgetful God that escaped the bonds of perfection. We divided our divine self into fractals so to experience the mysteries of self discovery. Our fractaled understanding has brought sin(ignorance) upon our self leaving a void in our hearts. We dance the painful dance so we don't have to stand in the static state of our divine self.
Creation is God's consciousness disolved into fractals. Those fractals carry portions of godself as the physical vessels evolves into more complex beings. As creation evolves the consciouness of the dreaming God begins to awaken through intellectual discovery of self.
    It's the inevitable play of cause and effect between polar positions.(good&bad;truth&ignorance;1's&0's) eventually the equation will be balanced out and the remainder(that which does not fit) will be dropped off.

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Nothing lost and nothing gained.  See Saw

Yes, 1 is the loneliest number.


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