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The structure of every potential is innate. Innate is the dynamic weave of structure. Structure forms around the force to change.

Change incorporates all structure to this innate;

  • Everything is connected in one point.
  • The point flows in between everything.
  • Each variation of flow is connection.
  • Every connection is the atom.
  • The atom is constituting any flow of perception.
  • Perception is the one point.
  • Between perception of variation the atom is light.
  • Light is the shine to any variation.
  • Shine is quantum fluctuations of shift in the soul.
  • The soul shifts to conviction.
  • Conviction is care.
  • Care encompasses shine in quantum fluctuations.

Soul is every possible quantum fluctuation. Light holds it to an endless stream of shift in an infinite string of change. Every possibility is encompassed in its constitution. It is possible by the meaning of its incorporated constitution. The incorporation is belief in its meaning. Meaning is to care from conviction of its radiance.

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where's the love?

It is in anyone having an experience of reason.

Love = connection

spirituality is the awareness of that connection

It is really quite simple, but we all do love to expound on all the permutations and minutia, so it seems.

Even the devil deserves a connection.

it has nothing to do with deserving, or earning.... the connection just is....

most just never get the hookup.

like having a computer designed to work in a network yet always working it offline..

people need to find their inner modem.

Wow! What a mind*

Greatness... and Being spoke truth in my born day


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