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Hello, My name is Ken. First time on this wonderful forum. Love to share many things with this group

yet I have a strong sharing to share on a Lucid dream back 2005. This one instantly comes to mind for someone outthere who will know what this is about. Thankyou

                                                           All I share is of truth from the heart.

Sharing: My belief and knowing during experiences of Lucid is that we awake in sleep as OOBE but we stay in body where we can see the unseen thru closed eyes spiritual entities that are near you becomes in sight and physical interactions with messages and growth...Enjoy my sharing

I will never forget this experience in Lucid: I awoke feeling something around me, I sit up in bed opening my eyes, there looking at me is a large massive colorful snake-serpent...She has wrapped herself around me  gently. She is smiling at me and she is so loving.  Her tonge slithers in and out, then her head moves towards mine and then kisses me on the lips, she pulls back like a strike but she opens her mouth wide. I look deep into mouth when I hear and feel a deep vibrational sound: Then I don't remember anything else: But I will always have this wonderful experience and connections. Thankyou



Sounds to me like you were having an experience of the Goddess as Shakti / kundalini, which is often viewed as a snake.  Another thing that points in this direction is the feeling of the deep vibrational sound; the kundalini rises along the spine through the subtle energy centers and each center has its own sound.

Also the feeling of loving from the snake and the friendly blessing of it as she holds you in her embrace.  The goddess is watching over you and protecting you on your path.

Best wishes,


connection with what? the serpent?

It appears this group does not exist.  Maybe it did, but it was closed or deleted.

Lucid dreaming is a very powerful method of esoteric work / development.

If there is interest we should start another Lucid Dreaming Group.

The group seems to be working, though not much is going on in it.    I have been using binaural beats found on YouTube to help me with Lucid Dreaming. Just remembering my dreams has been rough for years though. A lot of actors play into how well we sleep which I think plays into how well we can engage with our dreams.


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