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In my last dream I stole my boss's car and has been driving all over the town for a long time. "Why don't they arrest me?" - i worried - The car of Val Bassiani is known to everyone in our small town (he is kind of 'media magnate')".
After that I drove up to some shack. There a family lived - a slim dark-skinned woman, with short hair, of about 35-40 y/o, and her six children. They were waiting for me and were glad to see me. Especially a woman - after some time she said: "I want to have sex with you". Here I felt a vogue sensation that I should remember something important... "Madam, you must have mistaken, I don't make out with women"
She became very upset: "So, if I were I man you would happily gave yourself to me? You bitch!" She pushed me down on the bed and we began kissing...
Here I woke up. As I couldn't ever realize that I was in a dream, so it wasn't lucid (but yet very detailed)

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