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A while back I posted some findings in our alphabet but have since then found something else.

There is a saying, "In the labyrinth of the alphabet the truth is hidden." What follows gives clear credibility to that statement.

If you number the alphabet 1-9 A-I, 1-9 J-R, and 1-8 S-Z you will notice DJQW is as evenly spaced as possible and has a value of 4185. A simple substitution cipher reveals the word MAZE has exactly the same value in that numerical order clearly backing up that the alphabet is a maze.

Another saying is "9 is the key." Not sure exactly what 9 has to do with this but the word "Key" is encoded every 6th letter backwards through the alphabet. Every other letter from y-m looks like this YACEGIKM. That's an anagram for MAGIC KEY.

Between every other letter in MAGICKEY spells JEDI. Watch:

The letter between M and G is J
The letter between G and C is E
The letter between C and E is D
And the letter between E and M is I



Notice magick written forward withering alphabets flowing up and down to show magick written backwards. But instead of going mlk, ABC, and ghi connect M and K by going the other way through the alphabet like this MNOPQRSTUVWX Y ZABCDEFGHIJK. Notice the letter Y is in the middle. Do the for the rest of them and the word YOU appears dead center.

Every 3rd letter of the alphabet almost says OLUCIFER CFILORUX.

Well. That's all for now. Let me know what you think.

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Hi Paul,

I'm not very fluent with alphabet coding, i'm more of a numbers man myself but in investigating our base ten numbering system and developing some basic geometry i came acros an interesting item that you may be able to make some use of?

If you have a basic 3 x 3 x 3 cube it contains 27 elements ( cubes of size 1 x 1 x 1). 26 of them are 'visible' and one is internal and therefor 'invisible'.

You could place the letters a - i on the top nine cubes, the letters s-z on the bottom 9 cubes and the letters j-r on the middle cubes leaving the centre cube as a blank or 'space' with m and n on either side of the centre cube.

This may give an alternative set of connections when using the '9' equality such that a = j = s and d = m = v?

The six sides of the cube may offer some other combinations of letters that could be numbered in nines also.

Just some thoughts you may like to look into?

Cool I'll try it and let you know what I find. In the mean time here is what I tried to post earlier. Also if you put magic key around a circle notice that m and i, a and e, g and k and c and y are all 4 apart in the aphabet and directly across from eachother. I've also attached a word study on LUCIFER but with mixed up letters. More to come. MagickWord.jpg

MAGICKEY_4between.jpg Spoke of this above forgot to attach. Each line drawn in the circle shows that their are 3 letters between them. Example M through I has I   JKL   M. 

Thanks for those! - they helped make what you were saying in the comment much clearer. :-)

As i said i'm more of a numbers man but try to link all forms of esoteric ideas to see if more can be gleaned that way than by sticking to  just one theme.

Your Magicword image gave me a numerical link to the number 9 ( the key! )... MAGICKEY has 8 letters but MAGICKEYS has 9! (unless you count the space betwen thre two words as a position/letter?)- coincidentally, so does magicword! I like the symmetry between the E in MAGICKEYS and the S in SYEKCIGAM as you highlighted in blue.

I wonder what the significance of there being exactly two letters difference between the first and last letters, 2nd and 5th and 3rd and 4th letters in magick? or the reverse ordering of the alphabet between the 3 sets?

I wish you luck in your further investigations. :-)

Here is something fun if you are more of a numbers guy:

162738495 divided into 3 groups




Also take the last verse of the Bible and put it together with the first verse of the Bible and watch what happens:


But notice this near the center


(The word LIE is encoded every 6th letter. And if you take the last letter in the word BIBLE and put it at the front like this E   B   I   B   L you get LIE spelled backwards every other letter. But cooler stil is this is what lies in the very center:



Right where the last verse and first verse touch is spells NINE backwards ENIN and NINTH forward. And Jesus is the "WORD" John 1 and says he is the alpha and omega the beginning and the end. NINE is the key!

Sorry for the delay in replying!

Your number square ( 3 x 3) seems a little 'problematic' to me, but maybe i'm missing something in my analysis that you are more aware of than i am - i'm more of a dabbler than a sage so far. :-)

The problem i see has a few components. The first is the problem of whether or not zero is a number to consider - after all we could not have 100 or 1000 or 1000 000 without it.

While it is disregarded when counting i believe it is essential when considering the numbering or measuring or structure of the Universe numbers and mathematics describe so i'm disinclined to ignore it in any esoteric concepts, although it sometimes has much more relevance than others ( this is somewhat analogous to considering a space as a letter - words without spaces between them to delineate each one are inclined to be hard for us to understand easily yet they effectively add 'nothing' to the content! ;-)

So, since in your numbers, you have divided the first nine numbers into two unequal halves (1-5 and 6-9) then interspersed each of the first with each of the second in sequence and then divided the result into 3 even 3rds to get 162 738  495 i feel adding the 0 to the beginning and then making each 'half' even (0-4 and 5-9) so as to produce the sequence 0516273849 which may then be written as  (0+5) 516 273 849 to give an alternative 'solution' for the example you provided, but i am again unsure exactly where this is going?

There is another set of such numbers that i think is quite significant:  294753618

dividing into groups of 3 gives:  294  753  618 where, in a 3 x 3 grid, all rows columns and diagonals add up to 15 (or 6 reduced to one single value!)  

I found your bible references very intriguing. I truly believe there is far more contained in the Bible than simply the written text as most read it ( if they ever truly do! ;-) )

Awesome thinking and thx for sharing. Yes I'm glad the images helped and have heard that in the labyrinth of the alphabet the truth is hidden. 9 is indeed the key; the secret key and now I will share how it links to magic key. One of the images I shared was a circle with 4 lines crossing each other to form an "X" with magic key encircling it. Well when you do this the lines connect m and I, a and e, g and k, and c and y. What is so fascinating here is all 4 of these sets are 3 letters apart in the alphabet. But here is where 9 comes in. If we split the alphabet in half like this:


And review any of those 4 sets of letters something fascinating happens. Let's take M and I first. If we stake the alphabet like this


Notice I is right above V or in the same relative position to V in the alphabet. So now you have MV and they are 9 apart. But you can do this the other way too. Replace the M with its relative counterpart in the alphabet Z and you get ZI which are also 9 apart or a skip 9 in the alphabet. This approach works for the other three sets.

Last interesting not about 9 and magic key is this:

Draw a circle and write the word magic key around it so that m is at the top and c is at the bottom. Draw a vertical line and connect the c and the m. They have exactly 9 letters between them as does y and I and a and k so draw lines connecting them too.

It forms something that looks like height width and depth.

I guess the question we should all be asking ourselves is what is this magic key, and how does it work? Keep in mind we are putting together a puzzle without a box top.

If anyone has ideas let's hear it!!

Hi Paul,Interesting stuff,would love to know what you make of my avatar,I see many correspondences between numbers and letters,number 9 and 18 are everywhere.

love is the key to everything my friend love is the Logos

And Love never fails! Where there are prophecies they will cease. Where there are tongues they will be stilled....but when perfection comes (and it will) the imperfect disappear. 

Your avatar looks like LOVE mirrored to show 18. 

Here is another interesting insight to ponder. Look at the alphabet and notice the position of the letters in the word LOVE. if you draw a straight line through the M and the N and cut it in hahalf you notice the letters have mirror positions on either side of the alphabet like L and O mirror and E and V do too.
Now write the word LOVE around a circle


Here is where this gets interesting. Between L and V in the alphabet are two letters depending which way you go. D and Q. And likewise between E and O we find J and W.

So we end up with these four letters:


Number the alphabet 1-9, 1-9, and 1-8 and you'll find DJQW = 4185 = MAZE

Yes I would say there is order to the alphabet. I find it interesting in the Bible God confused our language and God is love. Jesus is the word and the bible speaks of the letter that killeth.

I was looking at the word LOVE, and also into gematria where letters may have numeric values, after seeing your and Philips comments regarding it.

I also associated it with some of my own recent work on numeric philosophy and balance and realised that if you add the letter i to LOVE you can make 'OLIVE' (the Olive branch is a common synonym for PEACE!). The first two letters numerically add up to 27 (9) - 15 and 12. I is 9. the last two add to 27 (9) - 22 and 5 making 9 9 9 in perfect symmetry/balance, as usually happens when a person (I) is 'in' pure LOVE. :-)

To get really crazy the 5 letters can appear as a symbolic version of the first five Fibonacci sequence. o=0, (lower case) l=1, i is Latin for 1, v (2 single strokes together)=2 and 3 single strokes would make a lower case e: 0,1,1,2,3..... I might also describe them as nothing or the Circle, the Origin; Unity that is in everything, the I of self, the duality of the physical universe and finally the trinity in one.

While there was an issue i had with the 'nine' (10) numbers there is also an issue with the numbering of our english letters.

The ancient Greeks were some of the first to ascribe values to letters and used 27 such symbols for 1-9, 10-90 and 100-900, but then they reduced their normal usage alphabet to only 24 symbols, losing the ones for 6, 90 and 900.

Our version of 'their' AlphaBeta has 26 symbols, not 27, so our numbering does not equate in symmetry with theirs.

This can be problematic when trying to decipher certain code values referred to in past times. Take for example a 'random' value like oh say 666. This in ancient Greek gematria (The book of revelation was written in Koine greek) translates simplest into 3 Greek letters that if pronounced would sound something like "Hiksc" (or ckshi if you use the hundreds value first), but if we use the similar placed English letters would be written FOX (or XOF).

Of course 666 is a total (of a name) and can be comprised of more than just 3 letters.

But i think it's worth considering when we try using our modern language with ancient gematria.

Nice work! I never realized the symmetry of the word olive. And 666 is a topic of great interest to me. If you take the king James version of the verse that starts out "Here is wisdom" you will find that it has exactly 99 letters before it tells us the number of the beast. What's cool is to lay out those 99 letters in 9 rows of 11 letters each. What you will find if you do that is the word "SING" appears vertically dead center starting at the top with the word BEAST below it horizontally also dead center. And if you count the number of the Beast you will find SIXHUNDREDTHREESCOREANDSIX has exactly 26 letters just like our alphabet. John 1 says Jesus Christ is the word and words are made from letters. Words put forth images in our mind. When we read the word Jesus an image is presented to our mind of someone not present to the senses. Wouldn't it be something if this is the image we are warned in revelation not to worship? And the book of Revelation is called the Revelation of Jesus Christ. And the Bible says God is spirit. Something to think about.


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