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People in my tribe (like hearted mystics) use a technique that is very powerful to clear from our bodies (we have 7 according to the ancients but at last count actually have 10) - from lifetimes of debris.

They say the ancients used this to travel dimensionally and many of the space craft visiting now use the Merkaba spinning technique. It is fairly instant.

PLEASE NOTE:  You will be totally safe. Don't worry you won't fly out of your body and end up in a different sphere. We are not advanced enough yet. As our vision changes and we can see infrared....and our temporal lobes are more calibrated to light(truth) and our confidence builds as to the powerful beings we are then we will be able to do this.

Always of course for any meditation of visualization have your Higher Self with you and any other angels or guides you want....their energy adds to the healing this visualization will bring. Since we are dealing with memory here - and memory is magnetic energy - and according to HeartMath....our Heart is 5000 times stronger magnetically than our inviting in your special unseen friends and asking them to lend their heart energy will be so empowering for you. Partnership!

You can use this visualization to free pain or a health issue on any level you want to release from your auric body or just ask your Higher Self - or just trust your body knows what it wants to release. at then end of the meditation most likely you will feel a sigh of relief big time. You can repeat this any time you feel like you have a weight on your shoulders or heaviness in your body.


After you have relaxed and are in your safe place breathing deeply - see yourself sitting in a large chair - like a throne but with no arms.

Visualize your self to the point your body is sensing hearing and seeing light - not with your eyes as t hey are closed. Feel your body recalibrating your senses. Your heart has its own brain. You are in deep relaxation sitting there.

  1. Begin to spin your body horizontally for about ten spins or what feels right to you
  2. Then spin your body vertically for about ten spins or more
  3. The visualize spinning both horizontally and vertically at the same time for about ten spins or until you just feel your body shrugging off debris.  

I use end the meditation by shrugging off - literally shaking my arms and legs and twisting my torso and shoulders.....

We have been using this meditation for about 25 opens your chakra centers of course this meditation is an accompaniment with the normal inner work you are doing. Try it you will like.

Benefits increase temporal lobe activity - reduces amygdala energy and opens the Cave of Brahma in the Brain. Intuition increases as well as a truer sense of perception.

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 thank you , our heart does have brain cells it came first, the spark of life in the womb, the seed of pure energy .

think from the heart , act with the mind.

Liked this for feeling more relaxed.  My inner self became quieter.



Thank you so much for the 2nd much is true in it...the ley lines....many are infested with Chathonic energies ...planted there long ago and our negativity has added to it....there is something called the Devils line that starts pretty much where New Orleans is.....and follows all the way up to Nova Scotia.

As with New Orleans and all the Earth Quakes the Earth and the elements are working together to release this impacted evil in the Earth.....all is coming to light....and yes 19.5 I know all the planets and stars have this and will be publishing the information regarding the double tetrahedron....and 19.5....this is accord energy....we have it within us....the platonic solids....

Thanks again for the information.....I will have to watch the other episodes....blessings....

Hi Swan,

                 I will do some research in numbers you left below. Wanted to give up this:)

        New sound reccording of the Big Bang!

This shows how much of life is possible in our galaxy...and how small we are comparing to the size of the universe as a whole!

On the image you added swan i posted a blog on that...checked it out if you have missed it. I love you too....Blessings!!!

Adam a ctually what you posted is different than what I did....same family!

As to the God code matrix....the author as I was aware of last night too has co-opted a lot of information and ley line drawings from others including his pi and phi sharings....I learned this earlier from someone who also made a youtube sharing this. ...who spent years in research in Egypt....

I was just so glad to find someone who "groked" the 19.5 energies and understood the power  OF 11 and 8 ....and of course this is the whole area Tesla knew of....huge rotational earth energies....over Giza and under it.

Well after watching his other videos ....I think he did a good service pulling it all together although he makes it look like he discovered it all....but then I went into his page and he is kinda of a hostile guy....I wanted to share my knowings with him....but now feel like others I have met....not as open as one would think with the material they present....

I will have to check out your blog. Blessings to you and all that I said does not discount the quality or gratitude I have that this stuff is out....there....paves the way for my work....


Wow! as the first video....the sounds get to a place I like -- it is like a fact this is what Science says is the sound of the Universe. Of course Swans and Snakes hiss and we are in the time of the Kundalini - Babaji writes in the White Swan that there is a ventricle that flaps like the wings of a swan when activated by Kundalini and of course the Snake energy is our coming into the oneness of our innocence.

But maybe the Universe is saying ISSSSS ---ISSSSS  Of course in the Runes H is 8 and is Justice and IS is 13 Change and S is 15 Pan/Nature = 28 the number of the Mansions of the moon also 10 Wheel of Fortune and 1 the Magician. (I probably starts with 28 and works right to left!)

Add 28+ 8= 36 The Square of the Sun and of course back to 9 the Source Field.

The 2nd youtube is awesome....brought me to tears!! And for a lot of reasons.... After this one ends are a bunch more I about beloved friends that hold the secrets of Lemuria and Sirius - their song changes every five years....and actually like the dolphins are eradicating our negativity and putting back in power of respect. Look how we treat them!

Of course the birds and trees and animals all are transmuting our negativity....the world will change when we learn and practice gratitude.

Finally have a chance to fully read your blog - only skimmed it....before yes....... Forgiveness!!!!

Wishing you light of the asteroids....ever have your chart  done plotting the asteroids and Muses....??? Awesome info......


Adam....Had to comment again. Almost done with the Matrix and I am in tears as so much of the work I have been doing on instinct for 19 years has been confirmed. I work with the double tetrahedron energy over the middle East and in the earth there that stretches father......Giza and the Nile and the placement of the 19.5 energies  - actually there are 7 more .5 energies that form the shape of a double tetrahedron......for a total of 8 actually 9 with the synergy -

I work with the 72 High Holy number....and what it means that is so profound.... and 11 and 8 AND 28 (1 thru 7 = 28 mansions of the moon and 1through 8 = 36 Square of the Sun = 9 The Source field.)

That is why Daath 11 must be added to the Tree of life as well as ....oh well....that is a long discussion. This is part of what I will be publishing as well including a "new" mathematical symmetry based on 3 6 know Tesla's dream.

Thank you thank you thank you for this information.....

Adam........Thanks for the youtube....on more of the mechanics - I enjoyed it.  It is about Light energy and awareness and instructions do not say breathe through the mouth only.....I think it is individual.....and we naturally do self select when in meditation. Please see notes below.

Sorry that I did not say this above---- but this meditation is from the Source that is the Sirius Mystery Schools....and brought from there to Earth and many other cultures. So as to who brought it to Egypt I don't know.

As I hinted above it is very powerful - and yes of course related to the Flower of Life.

But the key has to release one's inner debris.....especially if one attempts moving into time travel - and dealing with aliens as the video points out you can do with the Merkaba.This video does not state any precautions.

Why? My concern is that if someone has not done innerwork to heal the past and its pain jumping ahead with the Merkaba is like people who jump into Kundalini techniques without doing the inner work. They have been known to have serious consequences including mental crisis.



If you do not have a relationship with your Higher Self THEN YOU ARE NOT READY TO MEET ALIENS!!!

Thank you, SwanRa

I agree a bit with you swan here is a late easter present i forgot to post!...Love and Light!!!

Hi Adam - thank you for the beautiful info on the PanStarrs - curious as to why the youtubes you placed are dark screens - did you disengage? I actually liked them but felt I had to leave the disclaimer as I am credentialed counselor and I have counseled many from all walks of llife who were in spiritual crisis including NDE'rs.

Curious as to what you agree a bit LOL......

Love that Ceres is the Spiritual Harvest....Justice!!! Been doing a lot of inner work with Ceres and find the Goddess Ceres is the reek Goddess of Justice and plays a big part all over the world and in Washington DC.

Love Swan

Hi Swan,

             I didnt disengage those videos...maybe they are at default that way or try refreshing your browser.

                    Well Swan so far i agree to whatever you have said. Our ascension techniques can be various and breathing techniques as well. As even one of these videos say that breathe using your ear:)....So mouth is not required in all cases. 

                     I also agree that Alien races are much superior in intelligence and could be compared to our higher selves.

                   But we have already been in contact with alien forms and have communicated with various races. It would be obvious for the average human to contact his or her own higher self to be ready for the advanced alien races.

               Those few of us who are highly evolved with telepathy or other psychic abilities or even those who have been abducted didn't require any certain preparation to meet aliens. I think most were taken by surprise and even if they were connected to their higher selves it wouldnt be intelligent enough for them to communicate.

               As there are so many races and when you come in contact with certain species you automatically fall into the same frequency or catch their vibe. Due to this reason i dont think it is necessary for everyone to have connection with higher selves. As our consciousness is evolving we might take a few more decades to understand or have technology as theirs.

           Have you noticed swan when you come accross somone intelligent, a wise man a Guru only their presence you can give you peace or make you act or think like them in their surrounding. 

             Esp. due to Indigo children who are rising, I agree the majority is dumbing down due to entertainment and other distractions. But I am sure in a few decades or a century their technology, understanding and even maybe few neighbouring species would either come out in the open by governments or they would be so commonly seen or maybe even living with us and they will be easily accepted by the masses without any fear or discrmination!

   Love & Light, will keep you updated on the videos:)...Blessings!


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