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Greetings Seekers, we have some Mystic Radio Shows lined up for you and would like to know your thoughts on what you would like to hear discussed! This is part of an ongoing effort for as much community transparency and involvement as possible, please help the community by  letting us know any ideas for the shows here.

Our next show we will be discussing the Astral Projection. and evening of discussion about Astral Projection. What is Astral Projection - is it the same as Lucid Dreaming? We will explore these questions as well as go into some practical application and techniques.

This is sure to be an out of body experience, hope to see you there!

Link to Show (11/18/2012 8:00 PM CST):

Astral Projection -

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ok.. I only looked into this somewhat briefly when I was younger.. so here go my, perhaps, 'silly' questions..

*relationship between cats & astral travel, if any?

*how can one tell the difference between travelling & dreaming? It seems to me they are very closely linked.. but not necessarily the same.

*can one travel & affect others in their sleep? On a physical, mental, emotional level?
 Respectively, while asleep can one be affected by another's projection?

I really don't mind if any of these are addressed. I'm interested in whatever is discussed.

I understand the astral world as being a 'plain/realm' unto itself.. but all affects all, in some way or another.. due to Connection.


How to overcome fear when at the starting process of astral projection? I mean the weird feeling when the astral body separates from the physical body as well as the  loud noises and the vibrations.

What is the best method for you to get in astral projection state?

How and when you begin to see when in astral projection?  

What are the pro and con of Astral Projection.


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