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I have a dear friend who has suddenly started to experience numerous migraines with no end in sight. 

I know there are many causes to this, I'm wondering if anyone has an explanation for it relating to occult anatomy and alchemy?


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Hi, wel personally i dont know but i shared it around eo and on eo fb so i hope someone comes with a sollution for you. Good luck and blessings to your friend.

From amorc view though there could be an imbalance in the first werbitrea where the energy is stimulated to fo into the head. the point where ur scull meets the neck. Right in that part of the spine. the energy flows up and down and on both sides, you could try a pressure healing on there like this:

right side of the spine with ur left hand. put your thumb index and middle finger together and apply gentle pressure on the spot. than add pos breathing ( breath in, hold breath out) for two sessions of 5 min.

than u switch. left side right hand same time and pressure but neg breathing ( breath in, breath out, hold)

From another friend:

Hemisync those are sounds that he has to listen it will reallign his brain hemispheres. they are out of balance. ita about bringing the two flows of energy between the two brain halfs in allignement again. because of a probably inflammation they are out of sync with each other causing a headache/migraine. this particular option might hurt more as it realligns but it is better in the long term.

or a simple vipassana breathing that is less painfull and easier but might have to do it multiple times.

According to Luise Hay migraine is caused by these feelings:  Sexual fears. Fear of being close, letting someone in too close. Feeling driven or pressured. Resisting the flow of life.

I have to warn Louise Hay is not always right but sometimes showing people that actually their own feelings making them sick helps them. They realise their inner fears, feelings etc and change comes afterwards.

Also I can recommend Cosmo Energetica. It is a Russian energy system. Works with chackras, aura field, body organs and head.

I have a friend who sometimes have migrane atacks. She doesn't want me to give her a session but whenever she has migrane I clear pressure at her head and it is gone.

Hopefully these might help you



The epileptic, the schizophrenic and the mystic are as close together as layers of skin. - ketherism

migraines are also a symptom.

search How to Cure Most Migraines"  "Dr Darren Schmidt on youtube

Cant seem to post a direct link.


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