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I was wondering, if any one would have a good way to use the Magical Image of The Sephirah? 

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Do you mean for making sigils? If so , you could use the the planetary simbols in sigils. For example, the symbol of the moon for yesod, or the symbol of the sun for tipereth and so on. Hope this is helpful.

No I mean for exp (Malkuth, Young woman, Crowned and veiled) I was wondering on how do you visualizes and use it in ritual? I have Tedd Andrew book and it is mention in William G. Grays books but doe's not really say how to use them. and Thx Daniel! You did answer a question I was also looking for on Sigil as well.   

Well personally I like to use the tarot deck of the sephiroth to focus my mind upon the ritual at hand.   


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