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There's a tendency amoung people of our ilk to be mesmerized by words and (in the words of Robert Anton Wilson) we end up eating the menu instead of the meal.

Words define our relationship with the actual thing, and so I feel obligated to call one of our favorite words into questions:

One and Oneness.

Demonstrate One to me. Show me one singular thing that stands on its own. One indivisible thing.
The only thing that is one, thanks to the grace of Yoga-Maya, is differences. No one snowflake is the same, no one cloud is the same, no one person is the same, and get this... no one person's living experience is the same.
Even the body of an animal. A rock. The ocean. None of these are one thing.

It is our lack of attention to the phenomena of the outside world that breeds the misconception of us all being one.
Personally, the idea of being One with all of you scares the living shit out of me. Not out of Egoic fear or reactionary emotion, but out of pure reason. Truth being a mutable thing that comes on many levels, there exists One on some other plane, but it does not help us in any way to have a richer experience of our lives. It is a phenomena that has no beneficial effect for the individual and the individual's personal experience of life.

I'm not one for tearing away a social institution and not suggest another to take it's place. So I will suggest wholeness instead.

Nothing we do is without effect to another.
Nothing another does is without effect to us.
Every action has a reciprocal relationship to something else.
The Universe contains unlimited diversity way beyond the imagination of a mere Human.

We are whole. Not one.

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Interesting post. Are you saying all there is, does not stem from one ground principle and does not have one binding force? Are you also saying we are too tiny or insignificant to grasp the idea behind all there is? Or ..... Wait let me read it again. ;-)
please , place an ORANGE in your hand , and then understand and see what ( ONE ) mean !!! then cut the orange in two ,then look inside does ONE in this case = 1 or does 1= MANY ? everything inside the orange is also unique, each parts of the orange is unique, ONEness and wholeness = SAME thing


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