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Perfection is the absence of Flaw.

We strive for it.

We feel it is purpose.

Well for perfection to exist there must be Harmony

And for there to be Harmony there must be Balance

According to the Laws of Polarity things must have a positive and a negative

this law also says that these things are the same yet existing at opposite spectrum of it's polarity.

Good and Evil are created in this way. Both a type of energy, but in fact the same one.

For example for a world to be perfect once might say it must be all good. But if everything was all good then nothing can be anymore... then it is just a state of being.

To know Joy one must also know sorrow.

We strive for what we already have, reaching far past what is already in our grasp...

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There is a saying: "The Memory of Perfection". Man before the  skins. The first Garden of Eden before being sort of ruined!

There is also Middle Column on The Tree of  Life  where reconciliation of the Poles takes  place and one can ascend on the Planes of Consciousness...or descend if headed in the wrong direction. Or another thought where one must descend and  reconcile or bring back 'all'. 

Reminds me of the other saying that one must hit bottom before he can realize and fight to ascend. That latter one tho' has a very slightly different meaning inferred.

You know, I think you are 65% right (to my eyes, this means what I am going to say is not totally true)... Perfection is an illusion. I believe in god (the esoterical way) and I think he is a developed being, but he is not perfect. Perfection means status quo, and a universe in that state wouldn't even progress a little bit, and this is common sense. Secondly, one not must take the terms good and evil, because I know what you may mean, but it is better to say Positive energy and Negative energy, instead of good and evil, because good is a term that refers to a pattern of causes and effects that go in the direction of a fulfilling result, while evil is an empty word which means the contrary, and they do not balance each other, after all evil is lack of harmony with the universe. One does not necessarily has to know sorrow to know joy, if we know its causant. The factor correlated to the awareness of causes is called understanding, and that is the thing which anulates the pendulum; if you know the cause of sorrow, believe me, if you really know it you would have control over it, and the pendulum would stop there; we suffer what we do not understand, and that is the real reason for suffering, which is not an essence nor a macrocosmic causant, but a microcosmic cause (it is microcosmical, as it affects you individually, and at your level), therefore it is a macrocosmic effect.  We must remember that the microcosm is dark by nature, if we would live close to the light of "God" we would born knowing the measure of reality, but when you can't see; you have to use your ears in non-natural ways to try to see, and understanding is like watching the distant light which is the cause, walking in the dark is painful, because you can't see anything but the effect and reflection of light, so you wander around it in a nonlinear way (pendulum) as reality is nonlinear. Microcosmic reality is so dark that I HAVE TO USE PHYSICAL LANGUAGE TO COMMUNICATE WHAT IS NONPHYSICAL BY NATURE, LIKE USING THE EARS TO HEAR LIGHT, WHICH IS LOW/LACKS SOUND BY NATURE.

Well Jone, An illusion is only such to those who don't see through it. And i like to believe that there is no longer a "God" but still a creative force. Which at one point transcended to a being or entity to use it's supreme knowledge of the sciences to manifest all levels of reality. Just because there are higher dimensions doesn't necessarily mean that the lower ones are false or fake, they are all a part of everything. Now to derive perfection into a status quo, there is room for things, sometimes more dark than light, i'm not trying to say that everything is always perfectly balance. Merley the exsistance of balance shows perfection. That all are of opposites. As for the good and evil debate I feel like your just kind of going out of your way to pick this apart in a need for yourself to feel 100% and myself only 65%, no doubtedly your intent.. you understood the exact message being conveyed, not necessary. And i don't see how you can say they are not opposites if evil is according to you "quite the contrary" of good... And if one does not no sorrow then joy is then just a state of being, no longer joy just passivly exsisting in that state. As for the rest of this you lost me when you jumped into talking about pendulums, your digging to deep and asserting things in the way you read what i have wrote, but have not looked at it in the way i have wrote it, rather altered it for no reason in an attempt for it to make sence for yourself


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