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Okay, so admittedly I am a drug user, and have witnessed psychosis in many individuals and on many occasions. Recently after having turned my life around and trained as a holistic therapist, I met a girl whom I felt  moved with compassion for, she previously having been sectioned and blaming herself for several deaths around her aswell as several suicides of friends and the death of her late husband.

I recently started experiencing unusual and horrific symptoms. Black fluff would multiply before my eyes on  the floor in my bedroom, and many other places I went. I kept having crawling sensations similar to the sensations caused by stimulant drugs but so much more undeniably prominent.

I assumed I had psychosis and the first time I walked into A&E I explained I needed confirmation from a professional for I am either going mad from psychosis and thus need to be here, or something truly horrific is happening which could be contagious  and trigger a potential epidemic.

I was patronised and told I was delusional, the pot of samples I had collected were dismissed and the doctor presumed an explanation for each one without testing and overlooked the most horrific specimen I had saved in a contact lens  case:

These included a range of substances that I extracted or burst out through my skin painfully:

Several threads and fibres of differing lengths mainly fine black fluffballs, fine long greyish/silverish threads, threads resembling nylon, small white dots ressembling eggs, thicker medium to long white spaggetti like thread things each with one of the white dots at the tip, thicker medium to long BLKACK cotton-like thread things each with one of the white dots at the tip.

Sharp stinging hairline cuts appearing on my hands, fingertips, between toes.

A vibrating sensation coming from problem areas, the intuitive thoughts and feeling that there was something moving beneath the skin as more white and black dots were secreted through the pores in my skin at a truly alarming rate.

An increase in headaches. Stiff joints. Difficulty in breathing which did not respond to asthma inhalers.

A bubbly texture beneath the skin surface on solar plexus, beneath collarbone and , surrounding left nipple ( hairs were shaved off to avoid confusion between the emerging dots and threads and dead skin/ body hair).

Itching scalp and skin.

An other individual who couldn’t resist squeezing what looked like spots on my fore head only to find what emerged alarmed him exclaiming, ‘shit man that looks like a little maggot!’

Buzzing noise sounding like a struggling insect.

Finding an alarming amount of random dead insect in the lining and seams of trousers.

And being unable to breathe properly or eat, coupled with loss of appetite I began to regurgitate the white dots from my oesophagus, resembling a a small bowl of rice pudding.

The horrific sample: I coughed out the object that was lodged in my throat, that was causing difficulty swallowing, it resembling a large maggot the size of a jelly baby man and of a pinkish/whiteish/yellowish colour, also with several of the white tipped rice pudding granules semi protruding out of it.

I went back to the hospital after having dismissed it as my imagination, I became shocked when other individuals (although these individuals were also taking stimulants on these occasions could see and concur what was happening to me – therefore not psychosis, hallucination or delusion for those are alterations of my perception and my reality! If its in my head others shouldn’t be able to see it at all!!!)

I was patronised and the process had stopped, however the triage nurse urged me to stay because the ECG machine was not working….. I said no it is, but whatever was happening in my body that had just stopped (I believe due to us having gone from the warmth of my house to hospital by ambulance) was still effecting the static electricity and bio energy field of my body. Whenever in the warmth, it seemed to trigger off a distressing and painful episode,  and accelerated alarmingly when my system was exighted by stimulants, or if I became anxious, frightened and panicing.

Mould was growing in many areas of my house, black mould that resembled the black dust in the fluff that would multiply on the carpets and in my clothing.

I battled with two unknown things moving around painfully under the surface of my skin, one of which kept moving down from my neck towards my heart, at one point which, both of my arms became freezing cold with excruciating pins and needles, I became dizzy, collapsed on the floor and then used the suction on the hoover to drag it back up. All the while silver threads began ooziung through my skin, I protected my heart area using a can of deodorant freezing the threads mid air as they came through my left breast/nipple just above heart area. I shaved my chest hair to avoid any confusing between a 10cm long silver or black thread and my body hair.

Again after going to the hospital I self discharged for I was patronised, and more was asked about my drug use and mental health history than in my symptoms, and explanations as written above.



 However the cause and cure is a mystery, I have found out that the girl I menmtioned had  suffered with this in solitary confinement in a psych ward 10 years ago. My intuition and some signs one of which was seeing a dead black cat on the pavement whilst walking to her house, the cat frozen rigid with rigor mortis and with all is hairs stood on end as if it was electrocuted  or died of fright.

I believe the root cause may be dark magic, dark spirits and/or  some kind of inter-dimensional parasite, that attracts the like in this dimension through some kind of sympathetic resonance, until finally flies and bugs and parasites in this dimension have gained access to my home and person, and  my physical body.

Two days ago on my 30th birthday I was contemplating suicide for it was so horrific and too much to cope with. I turn to anyone anywhere with advice and help for healing this condition. I have found some practical info for cleaning in this dimension, aswell as a combo of essential oils. 

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Where do you live? Try doing some waking, anywhere. I've had bug sensations before.
Are you still alive? I have answers.
Okay, so... This really worries me. Because i've had dreams of some of which was described here. Sincerely hope this person is okay.


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