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Please Just Make It Simple: How do I astral project, and what exactly is it?

Please please please don't talk in endless gibberish, riddles, and platitudes. I would Kindly like to know, in easy to understand English, the answers to the following questions:

What is astral projection? Through what mechanism do you perceive things when you are "there"?

How do you astral project. What is your technique? What % rate is your success? How many times have you astral projected in your life?

What are some signs to look for when attempting an astral projection? 

Thank you

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Hi, I admire your curiosity in astral projection. I understand that you want it simplified for it to quickly register in your brain. I will not talk on behalf of everyone, we are all distinctive in a special way. I never got introduced to nothing or little did I do anything to initiate astral projection. From childhood, I most of the time had dreams that would come true, some of my friends and family until today are against it and simply because they lack knowledge on the same. I got aware of my projections about 7 years ago, before learning what it was, I was really scared of the whole thing. Living alone, I feared to go home after work and when at home during the night, I left the lights on in my bedroom which forced me to stay awake till 4:00 am. This resulted in so much stress following the sleepless nights and working every week day. My sister and her kid would call me every night at 10:00 pm to make sure I would have a goodnight sleep. My colleagues did everything they could to provide me with the same. Despite all, these episodes didn't give me a break, there was a time that I would be really really scared when the heavy feeling and vibrations started. I would try to fight it and the more I did, I ended up seeing entities in my room. Sometimes I would see three dark hooded faces and then they would disappear without a word, other times, I would have reptiles like entities try to rape me and other times, I would see huge black cats with red eyes.

After learning how to calm down, my vibrations and a lot deal of energy took over the process and for the first time, I felt my soul leave my body from the middle of my chest, it felt like uprooting a plant and sounded like throwing a stone in deep waters. Out there, I would see other spirits but in color, I would also visit my friends and family, talk to them about issues, I would also learn about things that happened in the past but most of my visions would be in the future. Please note that if you are stressed, depressed or had too much to drink, it will be very difficult to astral project. I'm speaking from my own experience . 

Thanks for sharing. Surprisingly, I am very envious of your experiences, even if they sound scary. I wish I had that ability. How can I learn to do what you do?

There are some experts out there who claim to train anyone interested in having these projections. I'm not sure if they can do that or this is something that is in some of our DNAs... Try to listen to your body when you sleep and write down your dreams every day.

Hi butch the formula that I learned from Fernando Albert in one of his online courses and that I were able to confirm that it works is this.

Relax your body all you can while keeping your mind active, so that your body gets asleep while your mind is awake.

I am not good at relaxing my body or mind in normal conditions so that's why it worked when I tried it in the morning when I don't have my mind full of thoughts and I am not tired.

I could share more experiences if you want, I am not an expert though and most of the times that I got to get out of my body was by casualty and very few that I really meant to do it and has been a long time since I do it because I have stress in my life right now. 

I can tell that they are really astral projections basically because of two things:

sometimes I really feel the transition, I am aware that my body is relaxing and start to feel my energy field as if it was magnetic vibration ( I am not psychic or have any special abilities for those things) and I feel as that energy body separates from my physical body.

And another thing that I consider a sign to tell that is not a dream is that I can really observe the environment and pay attention to any detail for as long as I want like I can stare at a fireplace and really fix my sight for as long as I want and I can walk wherever I want in that specific environment.

Yes it seems that morning is a better time to do it. I've usually been attempting it at night. For the few times that I tried it in the morning, I usually fell back asleep during my attempt.

Butch, I have had such an experience several times, when it is just about to happen, I fall back asleep, but promise you it doesn't go to waste cos this is now the best time for me to see things, good or bad that happens later in the future. If they are bad things, I get informed a day or two prior to, good things can take a week, weeks, or months.

Jer, you are right, it works better in the morning before you wake up. Sometimes it works for me when I go to bed and when I'm just about to fall asleep. I never practiced, it happens automatically. I had a bad experience a few days ago with evil spirits that I had to fight and which has left me feeling demotivated..It is a beautiful thing though when all goes well. 

Butch, possibly you will never astral project, simply because your particular equipment is wired for something just as spiritually high but not that. I am speaking as someone who meditates all the time, can feel my organs smiling back at me as I smile at them, and can sense my soul body as developed over years of working with roughly the same set of energetic principles as any of us here. I am sure I will never astral project. I am too much of an Earth-man, the astrology of this particular being just doesn't lend itself to that, it lends itself to some other form of mystical experience. It's all related, and I can surely live with this limitation. 


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