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I'm hoping to provide the wise with the correct "gate" to enter into a proper New World Order meditation. If your gate is the "fleshy-flight or fight" gate, then most of the blood is in the Mammalian part of your brain and you are hardly in a State of Mind to be forming opinions of a highly complex creation that has been under construction for Centuries.

 You must first drop all knowledge of flesh or concern for it's well being to be a Cosmic "Cup" to be in a proper Receptive state of being.

 Your re-emergence into the world will begin at the Magnetic stage, where everywhere you look, you see nothing but the Eternal 8.
 That is to say, a North and South Pole (Duality). Following the "trinity law", this Duality immediately creates it's own trinity because you now have an EQUATOR.

 Two Poles with an Equator form a current in the image of the Eternal 8.

 Before you put your Flesh back on, turn your gaze to the New World. You see? It is Two Poles. A Positive Manifestation which has an equal Negative Manifestation.

 However, Humans in this big picture are EQUATORS between the two and have the power of Free Will. Do you choose to "feed" the Negative Manifestation with the most valuable of your energies, called Attention? Or do you choose to feed the Positive Manifestation of the NWO?

A united people. A globe of common people and goals.

Feed your fears and they will grow and manifest around you. Feed your hopes and dreams and they will grow and manifest around you.

 North Pole? South Pole? Which one do you Relate to? If you relate to mud, then you will relate and "carry the water" or message of an NWO of Domination and Slavery. You then literally become a "worker bee" for the Negative Poles, carrying their filthy message for them into the depths of society.
 There is an equal and opposite Postive Creation of Hopes and Dreams. How about carrying that message into the depths of your environment? How about feeding the hopes of the Higher Self instead of the fears of the Lower Self?

 How about directing your Attention upward instead of giving so much "press" to the mud squishing up from between your toes? If you see a beautiful LIGHT in the sky, will you continue to be concerned about a little dirt on your feet?

 Filth begts filth begets filth. Your mouth and mind are capable of carrying Divine Messages.

 What Pole are you going to feed today?
 -1378 circa 3363

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Is this diagram from Von Rosenrroths Kabbalah Dennudata? If it is, I would love to read the translation to this part of it. This work is so obscure, I hope that one day someone will translate the WHOLE of it
with diagrams and ALL!
The Latin is not so hard to read, but when it is an intense material like this, the Latin becomes very hard to understand.

I cannot say for certain if this diagram is from that work though. Magnetically speaking, it is a work born of Praxis, and one worthy of a good study.
Optimism, positivity, levity- all vitally important/ all running counter to the organizations that manifest our illusions for us. It is easy to be swept away by the negative current. Sometimes I just turn the news off and live in a world where nothing goes wrong
WOW!! Great words. This is an odd relation because just last night I downloaded many of your photos, Unbaptised. and you are!

When you said you sometimes turn off the news you effectively said:

"As Master of My Universe, I Willfully switch from Negative Polarities (news, medialand) to Positive Polarities (spirituality, meditation) using the Universal Power called Free-Will, the greatest gift given to humanity after the gift of Eternal Light."

It's funny how many Perfect Beings are envious of our position and ability and yet, a simple "click" to turn the televison on ends all envy and returns us to being the "joke" of the universe.

God's who THINK their mortals. And since we're God's, what we think is solidified as Truth and thus, we truly have made ourselves mortals.

"We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world." ~ The Buddha

Destroy your television today, and tomorrow the World will never again be the same. It is an act of Epic Proportions to the Universe. It is a declaration of Peace with the World, because television feeds us the illusion that we are all divided up.

The day I realized I change my World by changing my Self, I got ride of my big plasma flat screen. The World did change and it's never been the same since!!! It will never again be the same World as it was before.

It is a world of peace and a world where nothing goes wrong. That's the great thing about States of MInd. You can take a Peaceful State of MInd from Theta all the way down here to Beta, and literally nothing will go wrong. Losing your peaceful State of Mind is the only thing that ever went wrong in the first place.

Thanks for commenting friend.


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