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I'm just starting my path down this road and I was wondering if anyone has any sugestions on where to start? where is the best place to begin? Books,  web sites, ect. thank you much

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Brother, im sorry i just seen this question you posted up. I would say, whatever excites you the most, whatever it is, go for it and consume anything you can find about it. Use what is useful to you and throw away what is not. In this journey here you are simply upgrading your knowledge base, thus you have more ideas to use in the shaping of your reality. Me, there are three different energies that excite me; the so called "Fantasy" genre including anything do do with communing with nature, elementals and nature spirits, green magic ect. Technology including the sci-fi level of technology and extra-terrestrials. Divine energy, meaning the communion with various "Gods/Goddesses." These three things are what excite me, therefore, i consume anything i can find on these subjects. When i think about or read about these things its like i am eating food. Its kinda hard to explain, but there it is. PEACE
Realize all that you've heard are lies.
All that you think is abstraction.
All that you remember is abstraction.
Each thing you see hides 9 others that you don't.
All is void of value excepting the sensation of this moment.
And that soon these lies will die.

The question is, are you ready to let them die or will you fade away with them?

Aum Namah Shivaya - Your redemption can be found in the rebirth of your perception.
Let me recommend a great researcher: Michael Tsarion. He covers a wide variety of topics and does so very eloquently. Look up his name on youtube and googlevideo and also check out his site
I think you'll find his work informative and entertaining.


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