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                       The conversation with the practioner starts after 20 -25 mins

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Nice Adam, Bartlett has some good stuff - especially in the area of spagyrics and plant Alchemy. I was hoping to catch his talk at last years International Alchemy convention, but plans fell through unfortunately.

However, I'm fairly confident in the determination that the Book of Aquarius can at the very least be boiled down to mere modern pseudepigrapha, or worse a purposefully corrupted set of methods to draw the Alchemist away or distract from the true essence of the Art - this was actually a very common practice in the renaissance, for various purposes.

Thanks for posting brother, going to enjoy these videos.

Yes, Bartlett sticks to the traditional path than by any modern puffers. Both his previous videos on youtube are amazing. His books are a must read and since we are on the topic of spagyrics.

          How about a remake of this video as i was going through it and saw it was incomplete at 10 :20. How about a whole new course in Spagyrics?...:)


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