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I am looking for information on the many facets of the New World Order and its implications on the individual, society, and humanity at large, both good and bad.

There seems to be a divisive duality of ideals contained within the NWO (as we see in all things). Lets explore them here.

Questions which may prompt discussion here include:

  • What is the purpose of the NWO, in both polarities?
  • Who are the players?
  • What are the common misconceptions?
  • Will the end result be tyrannical, or provide true freedom?

Please reply with your thoughts and opinions, they are highly valued.

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I don't want to start a disagreement here, but I was raised by the illuminati. I was taken from my parents when I was two along with my twin. MY twin never survived, they killed him in a puirty ritual in front of me.

the intention of all the ones gaining power in the NWO are simple, total, abject domination of all people left here. I say left here because the illuminati are active supporters of genocide as a means to eliminate the 'weaker' poplulations. the weaker being anyone who resists their quest for total power. the illuminati are power hungry entities that believe they can obtain world domination by sheer force of numbers.

they take children from the parents and teach the children that they are 'chosen'. they teach the children the arts of science in whatever 'identity' the child is to take in society.

the methods of 'teaching' children are intimidation, physical and emotional abuses, programming to ensure that their 'children' follow through wth their assigned roles. these children become active members in society and eventually become the adult power brokers in our society.

each of the main power brokers, the vanderbergs, the rothschild's and many more. I cannot begin to tell you how fully saturated our world societies are with bloodlines that go back hundreds of years.
My own bloodline goes back to ancient celtic and russian bloodlines.
how did I get away from them??
I was constantly abused, tortured and programmed as a child and in that programming, i was forced to forget everything i knew except for subliminal programming that dealt with my 'mission' in society. when that programing broke down, I started to remember. in remembering, i chose to remember it all and now, i consider my mission to be talking about the illuminati and their quest for the NWO. it is in the acceptance of the people that they will win their goals.

If we do not let them take away our free will, we can make a choice to not be ruled just as it was my choice to not be the puppet they programmed me to be.
it is up to us who believe in the freedom of the soul to teach others that they too have a choice.

I can upload files for the research i have done. some of them are pages and pages long, but I will if anyone asks. i also have videos of David Icke talking about the NWO and the monetary system now in place.

what I've said here is not as eloquent as the rest of the posts, but i truly speak from experience. I ddo not argue about these things. I lived what I have lived and only I know the experiences that shaped me. I can only share what I know and let people decide and let them take from what I share whatever they will.
I saw one chart down there that referred to the "Black Occult"!? Please keep this based in reality.

There is no such thing as a Black Secret because all secrets belong to the Light. The Divine Pymander cleared this up long ago.
There is no such thing as Black Magic. This is merely a "name" given to that which is manifested by a Impure Mind trying to work with Light.

Please try and keep your Ideals at least based in Common Psychics. Nowhere in Quantum Psychics does "black" create anything. All begins as Light and is twisted, perverted and tranformed into shadows by the Impure Mind.

I'm not trying to push my paradigm on anyone, but honestly, there is no such thing as a Black Creation. Darkness is a lack of light. Coldness is a lack of heat.

Calling anything Occult "black" is a lack of knowledge of the fundamental Nature Laws. The darkness has no secrets because a it cannot hide anything from the Revealing Light.

When the shadows start giving birth to things in this world, I'll change my mind. But for now, they are just manipulating and distorting Pure and Good Energy, BORN OF LIGHT.
Ladies and Gentlemen

Remember this information without change is blindneSS. We can post many things but in the end you have to ask yourselves the question is all this puffing up my Ego or do I truly desire change.
The masses, the rabble, the vulgar, the ignorant are not the only ones who refuse to change.

Verily, verily comfort destroys the passion of the Soul and Death walks grinning at the funeral...

No matter which OrganiSation, book, TeleviSion programme, guru, Angel, Ascended Master or god tell you, They are all lying.
None of the above are interested in Humanity. They give us 99% truth with 1% lie and this in turn keeps everyone hooked. It is in fact all a lie.

The truth about the NWO and their Agenda lie only in one place your own DNA, you own Memories. This information must be retrieved through Vision, Dream, Pendulum and Communion with those who care.

Blessing to you all.
The powers that be with their suits and money and paperwork and legalese, have been working for a NWO like that.

They have the power currently and may even come close to fully acheiving this (worldwide). The pendulum is slowing, however, getting ready to swing back. A NWO grown from the grass roots will incarnate where the corporate NWO crumbled. I just worry, that if the players see they aren't winning, that they decide to wreck everything for everyone else. then it's worldwide police state
Suits say, New religion will be Humanitarianism . New world gov't is called Communitarianism.
Officially this teir of gov't will evolve out of the UN.
Look up the Fabian Society for policy makers. Maurice Strong the green bully.
Great thread, Peace
from the EarthMother

The strategy of the dark elite controllers on Earth, is about keeping humans in fear.
Not necessarily conscious fear, but unconscious fear that can easily be triggered.
All to make sure humans cannot Ascend, or to make sure humans do not acquire a certain consciousness, knowledge and power that can affect the reptilian.

Once a human ascends to a certain level ALL becomes known.
A level of intellect and knowledge, that is mentored by the upper dimensional realms.,
This knowledge and guidance has a power, that only the Melchizedek reptilian is fully aware of.
And frightened of.

Such a level of spiritual mastery through counsel and governance from the upper dimensional realms, has never been experienced before upon Earth – that is why the reptilians have controlled for so long.
And such a level, has never been experienced before on other worlds either – keeping them in the same state as Earth. Unconscious and deep unresolved fears, that cause the human to listen to others that appear more knowledgeable.
This level of being also opens the door for guardians and light beings who also have great power, way beyond the reptilians.

Behind the wealthy elite are the unseen reptilians and behind the reptilians is Nibiru.
They are consummate stragegists.

It is how they have ruled the Universe.
It is how they trick ensoulment realms to do their bidding from higher planes.
It is how they have another large reptilian force, the Sirian Hybrid, doing all their dirty work, and generating more of themselves, the Melchizedek Drakonian.
It is how they have appropriated and compromised Humans Ascension on other worlds and Earth.
And it is how they are going to deceive the public about Nibiru.

A Compromised Ascension
The Melchizedek reptilian has compromised Ascension for humanity by enacting The Fabian Policy. A strategie used by a reptilian Roman a long time ago, to cut off the food links as a means to win a war.
This is what has happened for Ascension.
Potential Ascending masters, who were KEY persons, to awaken and further authentic Ascension have been interfered with by the unseen reps. These persons are the ones who have written books and created webpages of essential rubbish.
Channeling information that appears assistance, but behind each channeler will be a reptilian. There is no, and will be no assistance from the Plieades, Arcturas, Sirius. Most of the Plieades has ascended, and would not interfere in Earths Ascension, Sirius has not and cannot ascend, so has no information for Earths ascension, and Arcturas has its own problems to deal with.
No conscious being is ever guided to intervene in the Ascension of another.

The inititate is required to use a pendulum to define if a website, book, article, forum, workshop, person has any ascension truth. Many authors are grandmasters, who have been appropriated., which pendulum will affirm, if you ask it.

There will be a strategy for Nibiru by the reptilians.
Panic will be strategically used.
Causing persons to tune into 'teachers', 'masters' . Charismatic, seductive persons, who think they know because 'their guidance' is telling them information. Not realising their guidance who is 'god' 'Tao', 'light being'.
Is actually a reptilian whispering in their ear.
The information that will be circulated from these persons will not be truth about Nibiru or its latent affect upon Earth.
The mis- information will cause the listeners to become hypnotized and influenced into inactivity.
Most media is reptilian owned and controlled. So mis-information is going to have a LOT of air-play.

Keeping the truth of Nibiru secret, means humans will die instead of ascending.

It is through ones daily communing practise, that all will be known
That all will be safe and secure – so humanity can keep on Ascending.

The reptilians do not want humanity to be safe and secure, or communing.
"The reptilians do not want humanity to be safe and secure, or communing." My friend, it is a Reptilian who gave you language and script.
It is a Reptilian who fed you Knowledge of Good and Evil, to partake of the Fruit of the Gods. It is a Reptilian who saved your sarcasm from total extinction through a Great Deluge.

If you feel you are in a prison, has it ever ocurred to you that it might be because you refuse to give Thanks (Law of AmRa) to those who have cradled us in our most vulnerable moments?

If others tell you to "fear" the Serpent who fed Eve the Apple of Wisdom, does it mean you FEAR Wisdom? Should you truly fear the ones who FED you this Wisdom as well?

My friend, correct your energies by giving Thanks.

In fact, the REPTILIAN part of you brain is the last part you will ever "meet", but is of the Highest Value. So if you say "the reptilians do not want us to be safe", perhaps you are talking about the inner desires of impure humans who cannot control their 3rd eye, or Imagination which leads to Manifestation.

It is a Reptile who saved you from extinction and it will be the Reptillian part of your brain that saves you from the Ego.

It is not Mammals who have kept you alive my friend. Be thankful and your messages will clear up.
I didn't realise I implied that Lucifer is the Devil. My only reference to Lucifer is as "The Light of Limitless Nothingness".

To be honest, I have no interest in fighting The New World Order, as there is no point fighting something that is already dead.

Without darkness, there can be no light. The negative gives motion to the positive. Without death, there can be no life.

Forgive me, I did not mean to put words in your mouth. I see my error now after re-reading your post.

May I respectfully disagree about "without darkness, there can be no light"? I only say this because I, personally, only know Perceivable Light.
Perceivable Light is only perceivable because of the Contrast called Darkness.

However, Pure and Invisible Light is of a Nature not known on Earth and I wouldn't feel comfortable saying that Pure Light needs darkness in order to exist. I agree with you about Perceivable Light, it needs darkness to be perceived or comprehended.

Many think the NWO is a "people" and refer to the NWO as "they". It is a social structure, an Environment. Environments do not conspire, but this is how great the New World has been twisted from it's Pure Intent.

There is no NWO out to control the world. It is a place of peace. A PLACE. Are parks leaving secret symbols telling you they are going to take over the world as well? Geographic or Etheric Locations do not conspire. I truly thought more people had figured this out, but it only Illustrates how many love to talk about Meditation and Spirituality, but so few actually practice them and miss out on the tremendous Benefits of actual PRAXIS.

None of you are meditating. I am not a know-it-all, but I know a complete lack of Praxis when I see it. Beta-Waves are full of lies and distortions and only BETA-Waves will tell you to Fear the NWO.

If you ever find your own personal WAY to remain alert in Theta or even (*gasp) Delta, then you will no longer fear the New World.

I am happy to see you at Peace my friend, so many are still "up in arms" over Global Unity, which is an Ideal of the Highest Vibration. People, really, stop being so silly.
Hello Mem Key

Do you know what you eye in the triangle means?

Sorry to disappoint, there is no fear of what you speak in me.
One at Peace has already found his Golden Nugget, which erases all concerns about the actions of others because this Nugget contains knowledge of Self.

Why do you not know the heirachy of ants on Earth as well as the giants? Because we do not fear the ants, so are you sure about the giants?

The only "thing" of Value cannot be robbed or taken from you unless it is your WILL, so what purpose is it to talk of domination and human slavery?

We do not fight what we are not afraid of. We fight what we fear.
One at Peace has already found his Golden Nugget, which erases all concerns about the actions of others because this Nugget contains knowledge of Self.

Why do you not know the heirachy of ants on Earth as well as the giants? Because we do not fear the ants, so are you sure about the giants?

The only "thing" of Value cannot be robbed or taken from you unless it is your WILL, so what purpose is it to talk of domination and human slavery?

We do not fight what we are not afraid of. We fight what we fear.

There is No Human on Earth who has peace, maybe a measure of it but no one has this completely.
The Giants fear me.
All that is valuable to Humanity has been robbed from Us.

Words are War...we fight...
Oh yes, the Eye. What it means depends totally on the context. Masonically speaking, it could be "hiding" the YOD, or even the YHVH.
It can also be the Eye of Ra or Horus. The All-Seeing Eye also illuminated Moses on Mt. Sinai, which just happens to be....The Triangular Peninsula.

Or does the eye mean that big brother is watching me meditate and work with harmonic tones all day and night? Dominating me with it's observation?

You may be referring to the polar opposite of the Illuminati, in which case, I would take this duality any day over the chance of a complete non-existence of Orders. They only prey on the weak. Fair is fair. The brethren are equipped enough to not be bothered by the shadows with a simple raising of the vibrations above electrosmog levels.

South Poles getting to you? Raise up above the Equator. There's always the North Pole. There's always the North Pole.


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