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I am looking for information on the many facets of the New World Order and its implications on the individual, society, and humanity at large, both good and bad.

There seems to be a divisive duality of ideals contained within the NWO (as we see in all things). Lets explore them here.

Questions which may prompt discussion here include:

  • What is the purpose of the NWO, in both polarities?
  • Who are the players?
  • What are the common misconceptions?
  • Will the end result be tyrannical, or provide true freedom?

Please reply with your thoughts and opinions, they are highly valued.

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Ok Buddy

I wish to start with your second question if I may: Who are the players?

From the very top = The Melchizedecks
The Council
The Illuminati
The Free Masons

Then we have the 15 Elite Families.

Rothschild - Astor - Bundy - Collins - DuPont - Freemon - Kennedy - Li - Onassi - Rockefeller - Disney - Russel - Van Duyn - Merovingian and Reynolds
The common misconceptions are very similar to the misconceptions with the symbolic meaning of the cross, star tetrahedron (star of david), pentagram etc.

In order to see the dawn of a new day you have to endure the darkess of night. This explains how the promotion of purely secular, materialistic and monetary ideals are running rampant. It explains the endless wars and conspiracies, black ops and closed door meetings (ie. the Bilderberger group) that have global implications.

On the grand cosmic scale, this is but a speck of a moment in time, or the turning of one tiny cog in the massive wheel of creation. It is a very minor, but exquisitely timed step in human evolution, or de-evolution.

How it ends will ultimately be decided by us, the real players. Whether we break free from 'Plato's cave' or not is a decision each individual will make on his or her own. It is our game and we have chosen this path, therefore we will ultimately choose the outcome.
Well said. I also wanted to point out that the population is not One Giant Slice. It is many, many slices of the same pi.

Meaning, when men gather to set the Tone for the globe, they are setting the Tone for the willing sheep who have lost their sense of Free-Will.
This is not the entire population. Their meetings only mean something to those they influence.

If you understand them, then you know that this Day is the same as the last Day, this Moment the same as the last Moment and no "meeting" anywhere can change that.

People that are easily influenced do not like to admit that they are easily influenced by these meetings. When in fact they mean nothing to those who "Know Thyself", especially in Relation to the Whole.

It's almost Divine humor we're looking at here: Those who are easily influenced ARE easily influenced by the Bilderberger group meetings (like Alex Jones).

Those who have mental strength are not influenced at all by these groups and they literally mean nothing. So much of what people ARE and believe is rooted in the First Cause or First Thought.
"I think therefore I am" could easily be......."I think I'm in prison, therefore I AM in prison."
I truly, truly do not wish to stir anything up my friend. I am merely observing that you didn't mention the Rosicrucians. Considering the New World Order is a creation that began with R+C, I am curious as to why you are not giving credit where credit is due.

Any fool can find a mason "clue" or ring for sale, which makes quite a good shopping experience for the millions of Window Shoppers.
While men love to think and act they run everything, has it ever occurred to you that the true Invisible Ones have no desire to be seen or that they may constitute a Body of Women? The 0 before the 1?
The Womb before the phallic? The "nothing" that is truly the source of everything after it?

Many things are coming to light that weren't available even a year ago. I would recommend dropping the dogged-old conspiracy-list and opening up. It is true, those who wish to be "led" will be put on a tight leash.
But do not mix the zoo-keepers with the Elite. You do not have a single Elite mentioned in your list.

You have a collection of "shields". Good luck finding out who is being protected by these various shields. I guarantee you, the names will not satisfy and will "ring no bells", so it's not worth the effort.
The eyes open are really Leyes reporting half-truths in the illusionary Beta wave. Close your eyes my friend, and your lists will evaporate before your inner light.

*Alpha - Truer than Beta**Theta-Truth***Delta-Imaginary Truth****Gamma-Unspeakable Truth.

Beta = Static-Media Land-False Leads-False Light-Half Truth. Do not take advice from anyone or anything in Beta. Including me, because this is where we are currently interacting.

Close your eyes. See for your Self.
Well, I would say it is the 60 elite families!

There is allot of fear attached to a one world government, but logically, it is the only way we can be drawn together to better humanity for future ages. In fact, came across this video, which states it is the only way we can excel the human race into the future age.

Also, one can simply look at the number of US bases and the number of countries in the world and clearly see that within 60-100 years the US may have a military base in every country in the world.

"According to the Defense Department's annual "Base Structure Report" for fiscal year 2003, which itemizes foreign and domestic U.S. military real estate, the Pentagon currently owns or rents 702 overseas bases in about 130 countries and HAS another 6,000 bases in the United States and its territories."

"How Many Countries In The World?
Now that is a question that's somewhat difficult to answer, as there is no one right answer. Many sources offer different answers, and depending on the source, there are 189, 191, 192, 193, 194 or 195 independent countries in the world today.

Only 65 countries away from world domination! It is just a matter of time now!

Peace Profound,
I am truly loving this forum for the way you approach these subjects. This is a very fresh way of dissecting the various NWO ideals.

PURPOSE: The New World Order's purpose is to turn humanity's drive from being AGAINST one another to being for the whole. To share in respect for personal belief structures and life systems. There is no petty crimes in the New World because no human can claim domination over another. Knowledge of Life makes it possible for humanity to realize that NOTHING dies, but merely dissolves into a new form. The best possible vehicles for our existence here is essential, and since we are ALL here (as a part of the WHOLE), keeping the population low is important and understandable. But a much greater understanding of Life and death must first be found. The Egyptians wised up their masses with the Book of the Dead which is truly the Book of Life. Once this last "key" is turned in the collective consciousness, the minimal population desires become fully understandable. As long as Fear is present through ignorance of death the whole population thing creates "mob frenzy".

PLAYERS: Humanity's highest vibrations. The Lower Self, the shadow and the Ego do not like to see their Light, or Source of Life go away. But it IS the Lower Self that creates 100 and 1 dellusions of fear and domination before it accepts the Highest Ideal of Global Unity.
Global Unity is one of the Highest Ideals of earth-based matters. It creates an unbelievable environment for Spiritual Evolution on a global scale. It is directly united to freeing up the Mind and Soul to further develop free of "competition" and "division", or wars over petty borders and flags.
Currently men fill your bellies and those of your children with products based more on "beating the competition" than being a nutritious part of your life. Competition is a poison. Division is poison. A divided planet is a poison unto itself.

MISCONCEPTIONS: That the slimy, greasy-hared salesman are somehow the TRUE masons, etc.
Example: Geometry and philosophy, even science have a solid understanding of what it means to say that "the Trinity is the basis of all creations".
Yet, in a church a man will refer to the Holy Trinity as something above and beyond all creations, to bow down before and be worshipped.
Naturally, this turns people off. Yet, the atheist is a fool to ignore things of Spirit or to reject the Divine Creator, or even the Holy Trinity because they are truly there, just not in the way that they've been taught to believe.
If a church turns you off because they ask for money before anything else, does this mean there is no God? Get real.
If the New World Order turns you off because Alex Jones SOLD it to you as a fear-based-video, does it mean his vial version actually exists? It didn't, but the foolish focused Attention of millions of uncontrolled minds obsessively believing in a collective LIE can manifest more into the world than they could ever imagine.
Watch what you wish for. Believing in anything negative will effectively turn some Light near you into a shadow, so I wouldn't advise anyone to keep up that sort of thinking. Your own shadows may someday consume you.

END RESULT: Terence McKenna once used a metaphor for something else, which I would like to change to apply here.
It is like a Ship teetering on the edge of a Black Hole.

To a calm, understanding Observer, the ship teeters for a second, falls into the hole, a small flash of Light and Life continues on.
To one who never "left the deck", the second the nose of the ship dips into the Black Hole it is streeetched into Eternity. This event is eternal. Meaning, the terror and FEAR of the unknown becomes an ETERNITY. The hopeless feeling of free-fall is felt for an eternity.

Yet with a simple turn of the Key, the Mind of anyone still on the ship can learn the true form of Eternity and laugh their way into a position of Observation. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is your trap. The Ego is the prison.

The Ego has convinced millions that a United Globe is somehow a prison to be feared. Why?

To enter the New World Order, the ego must first be crucified. To conquer death, you must first learn to die. The Ego is scared, and thus you are scared if you have not yet conquered Self.

I would like to post who the real problem is, As all the other are just pawns in the greater scheme of things.

More widespread and common than many could possibly imagine.
They are in the etheric and are unseen. They have created portals whereby they can interact with human hosts – and vicariously live a human life, without the host ever knowing.
They then 'walk out' as the hosts ages, leaving the host stranded, and often dementia occurs. This is because the reptilian has the ability to take over the humans mental/ego mind.
Even upon death, the astral being has no recollection of the life they lived.

The Anu-Drakonian – the Melchizedek. Who interfaces with humans, presides over gross occult rituals, and rules this planet, through the human hosts.
Specific non-interfaced female Drakonian reptilians lay large batches of eggs.
The lessor Sirian hybrid, who hatches from the eggs the Melchizedeks lay – who also walkin/interface – and hang around in large numbers. Interfering with unsuspecting persons.
These lessor reptilians inseminate themselves into humans , an etheric worm that will gestate in the humans kundhalini channel, for approx 4 years, and produce the Melchizedek Drakonian reptilian.
The nests – and the places, where the energies are conducive for the incubation and hatching of the lessor, Sirian hybrid.
The associated dysfunctions that come with being interfaced and then 'walked out'. The body and mind 'feel' abandoned, and record abandonment in the bodies records.
The associated karmas (and their dysfunctions) from pastlives of being interfered and interfaced.

This has been going on for eons, but most have been unable to do anything about it.
Even if one did know, the reptilians have always known who 'knew' and took the required steps to keep their secret.
They are the wealthy elite, that hold the governing strings and wealth,
that have infinite resources to keep their secrets.

It is now we are ascending, we have millions of guardians that have descended to Earth, to assist the Nature Realms and Earth to help humanity rid themselves of these harmful parasites.

These guardians are devoted to humanities ascension, and to assist in any way possible to remove the veils and remove the extraordinary amount of non-physical , parasitic entities , beings and reptilians that are interfering to such an extent, that ascension cannot take hold for humanity.

Ascension started in the 80's. The First Wave was awakened to 'something they knew not what', approx 30,000, with 'soul agreements' to ascend. Most of this group have either tuned into one of the many false ascension programmes, websites on the net, or tuned out, ascension being too difficult, some getting 'ascension depression' (going nowhere) and some dying.

The many false Ascension Programmes are being orchestrated by mainly two factions, the reptilian Melchizedeks and the false 'ascended masters'... who have mastered nothing and ascended absolutely nowhere. Most 'spiritual ascension' works (books, websites, workshops) are orchestrated by these two factions.

There are under 200 ascending initiates, at this time, actively and authentically ascending.
(by clearing karma and anchoring the correct communing voices, and taking direction from them – EarthMother, Nature Realms, Guardians, Ancestors, Solar One Source and The Tao.)

Unfortunately this 'communing' is where the false ascension factions jumped in very early in the ascension movement. False gods/ascended masters, false angelics and their minions and the Melchizedeks, the Anu-Drakonian reptilians.. channeling enough information to make the initiate think they were channeling the 'real deal' – but in fact, these non-ascending, non-physical parasites, were crippling the ascension journey of everyone they were able to attach themselves to.
They did this to all the old masters.
And still do, to this day.

Humans and Reptilians are related.
Our Creator Soul-self is a Dragon.
Many millions of years ago, a specie of reptilian, the conscious Dragon, wanted a new dance. Wanted to 'evolve' their species.
Dragons, being great dreamers, dreamed their evolution and new selves, dreaming great vistas.
and couldnt do with the form they had.
They would retire from real life, and spend the rest of their life in communion with their Source, their maker.
LEARNING how to become totally and absolutely harmless in all things and how to manifest a new reality, a new form.
And so they did.
Most humans on Earth have evolved from the Dragon.

The Melchizedeks – the anti-christs not of our Universe anymore.
These were the dragons who just couldnt 'get it'.. or didnt want it.
And now with a 'carnal' part of their brain function so enhanced, it is almost impossible for them to turn themselves around. For they are never unwelcome back to the Dragon soul fold... never.
But they must take direction from their Source, the upper dimensional realms, and this they do not want to do.
At first, these dragons didnt want to be anything different, liked what they were and had.
Some like to abuse, thought it 'creative' to tell lies and deceive.
Then over time, COULDNT get to the space of humility and non-harmfulness, as this involved embodying Unconditional Love.
Try as they may, even their service to others, was altruistic and benevolent. They couldnt give without thinking of self, and still cannot to this day.
Over the millions of years they have digressed from elegant, beautiful soul-filled dragons, to ugliness. Wings that cannot fly, a face that terrifies – but still with the intelligence and the knowledge of All That Is.
Someone that holds knowledge but is harmful, is a dangerous being.
Someone that wants to use and abuse , dominate and harm, without having the karmic return, is dangerous.

The Urantia book was channeled by a Melchizedek. Calling himself a Melchizedek from Nebadon (Nevergod). If anyone has ever read this book, it goes on for chapters about the angelic realms. The order of seraphim and oraphim, when there is no such thing . How a human gets to be an angel, but not one word about 'soul' – as that is something they have no idea of.
'Angels' are the creation of the non-soul Melchizedeks. A made up, attractive, nuetral, benevolent 'go-between' to control humans from the blonde blue-eyed Andromedan they are obsessed with.

Earths 'angels' (record keepers/guardians) are our Elementals.

The Melchizedek came with the Annanuki, (Greek gods) Approx 185,000 years ago. The Annanuki eventually left, after interfering, using and abusing, but the Melchizedeks stayed.
There were 12 main Annanuki (see for the Annanuki story)
However, new information has come to light, 6 of these had walkins – possessions by the Melchizedeks (see for the reptilian- Annanuki story).
And many of the minions of the Annanuki, were the Andromedan race, that the reptilians have been using for an eon, before coming to Earth. Mind-controlling to use in their occult rituals, and using for hosts.

The Melchizedek reptilian adores the blonde-blue-eyed form – they are just obsessed today, as they have been for a million years.
The lessor Sirian hybrid reptilian, couldnt give a fig – they just want a host.. any host.

Earths Akashic records reveal the fall of Atlantis was really due to the over-growth of the plague of reptilians, and their in-house fighting.
Back then there were Alpha Centaurians, Melchizedeks and the Sirian hybrid, that evolved or spawned from the Melchizedeks. The Alpha Centauri reptilians have long gone (leaving a trail of karmas and 'nuclear' related diseases, as the Alpha Centauri had a nuclear DNA.).
The other two are still here.
With their electrical DNA. Electrical being and electrical/polarity based thoughtform, that we have inherited.

The Melchizedeks have the power and control.
They are approx 14 – 18 feet in height, more dinasaur, upright reptilian, with large wings, more like appendages, that drag along with them, a tail, and charcoal in colour.
They are behind the elite Secret Governance of Earth, the inner sanctum of the Illuminati, called the Incuculbis. A small nucleus of the richest sons, retired into incognito, manipulating the wars, wealth, futures of the countries of this planet.
There is bad blood between the Melchizedek and the Sirian hybrid.
The Melchizedek lives to about 1000 years of age, but the Sirian hybrid only lives to 300 years.
The Melchizedeks consider themselves almost gods... have a class that the Sirians do not have. They have the Universal Knowledge of All That Is, and do not, and will not share this with the Sirian Hybrids. This continually gets up the Sirians nose, and there is often upheavals and disputes amongst the two factions.
The only reason the Sirians hybrids exist on this planet, is because the Melchizedek reptilian can no longer produce itself. They NEED the hybrid to further the Melchizedek specie, and the hybrid NEEDS the Melchizedek to further its specie.
You would think a symbiotic arrangement would exist – but unfortunately UNITY and COMMUNITY are not aspects of these two reptilian species. Power and Usery are their Truth in Action.
Competition and disharmony, especially in the upper echelons, as the Melchizedeks will not concede any power in this matter.
The inhouse fighting and disharmony steps down into physical life.

Some examples: John F. Kennedy was walked into by a Sirian Hybrid.
Hoover of the FBI had a Melchizedek and was disgusted with Kennedys obsession with Marilyn Monroe.. they both had to go. As far as the 'royal melchizedeks' are concerned, the mind-controlled blondies, are theirs for sex – but discreet sex. There was a gross setup to humiliate M.M. And J.F. (by the Melchizedeks). Marilyn was 'invited' to a University.. where she thought J.F. would be there, which he wasnt.
She was drugged and sexually abused by a few men, and photos were taken. The Kennedy family had no other choice but to get rid of her.
There were still unresolved power issues between Kennedy and Hoover (the Sirian Hybrid and the Melchizedek reptilian) so the Hybrid had to go. (you could say there was a battle going on in the etheric realms for supremacy, the Kennedys, the Marilyns are all eternally caught in the middle.)
Bush, Cheney, Clinton all have Sirian Hybrids, but Hilary has a Melchizedek.
The English royal family all have Melchizedeks, no scrubbers allowed in their family!
The Melchizedeks consider the Hybrids having no class and no finesse – and in a way, just looking at the Bushes, they seem to be right on the mark!

Either way, they are both harmful to humanity.

The Sirian Hybrids are not so obsessed about eating organs and drinking blood as the Melchizedeks are. It appears only the Melchizedek Drakonian reptilian has blood lust.
The Melchizedeks all around the globe, will often gather at occult rituals, presided by mind-controlled blonde 'Occult Mothers', who control the blood lust just enough to 'bring them back' when finished.
There is a false belief in these rituals, that the human blood holds the key to their longevity. If they had known the stem cells were in the marrow of our spine, then they would have been sucking our bones at these rituals, instead of drinking blood.
There is also a 'breathing in of the soul' but this is a false belief also.
There is also a 'handing over of the first born' . Can be a baby born or even a fetus. I do not know the facts of that ritual, even though this was a karma between my eldest son and myself this life.

Both reptilians today are hell-bent on sabotage. To sabotage humans and Earths ascension is to continue their existance.

Sabotaging every individual that has possibilities to ascend, therefore sabotaging humanities evolution.
Sabotaging the Elementals, and the weather.
Sabotaging the higher Dimensional realms, where the human derives all higher spiritual knowledge and consciousness.
Sabotaging, by dividing the community, by supplying so much spin. Confusing everyone on what is truth and what is deceit and lies.
Sabotaging the life of every human they interface.

The female Melchizedek, lays approx 16 eggs to a nest. It is the Sirian hybrid that hatches a fully grown reptilian , not exactly a replica of a Melchizedek, in that they do not have 'wing' appendages. They appear to have more human type bodies, and a more pale grey in colour

The Drakonian Worm
Now this is where it gets interesting. It is these lessor reptilians that do the insemination to gestate a Melchizedek.
It can take up to 4 years to gestate a Melchizedek. And unsuspecting persons , male and female, can be used over and over right up to their death, to keep one 'in the oven' so to speak.
These are large etheric worms, gestating in the kundalhini channel.

The worm can be almost undetectable, except for chronic fatigue syndrome, and/or weariness, AND using a pendulum or muscle-testing.
Chronic fatigue is the symptom of an insemination by a reptilian and the ensuing gestation, which is extremely electrical, and grows by consuming large amounts of your chi – hence the fatigue.
It grows to the length of your body with the head up in the chest area.
Approx 8 inches/20cms in diameter.. quite a huge thing.

A woman who was working with me, had a related dream (and associated karma) as thus “a large worm was making its way to the door, where it grew wings, snarled and flew away”.
Although they do not, cannot fly – they crawl away, to finish their growth into the large reptilian.
Detected in an aged person, will generally mean they have been used many times to gestate these worms. Possibly six or seven in one life-time.

The Reptilian Nests and Eggs
The nests are generally in specific places where there is abundance of specific dense energies.. hospitals, age care homes, some government buildings, mental homes, large football playing fields.
Once the nest is all hatched, they all want hosts. When someone suitable comes along, a few at a time go with the human (this is not the host generally, this is just the go-between, to move from the nest) They hang around the property, waiting for other opportunities. To find their eventual host/walkin , generally a child, and generally an ascending child, as this appears to be part of the programme in the Sirian Hybrid. To interfere with anyone 'ascension bound'.
And to inseminate persons, before they do interface.
It is here they get bored.
Understand although they are very large (over 10 feet) they are children. Some can be very vindictive and do harm. Some are curious and will try and elicit some response from the human (who cannot see what is being done to them) so they think it very amusing to toy with such humans.
Many sexually interfere with men, women and children.
Inseminations and sexual interferences are common. Some are more like rapes – as one woman her 'etheric' genitals were so clawed, she was in physical pain.

The clue here is 'orgasmic nights' – if you occasionally wake up having an orgasm, then check with a pendulum.
Or email me and I will check for you, to see if a group of reptilians are interfering with you or someone you suspect and want to help.

Dismantling the Nests
The nests, which require dismantling and sent to the aurora – this work is dangerous.
The reptilians are very confident that no one knows how to remove them or their nests. - as no one to date is really doing this work.
They may give humans a lot of info about themselves (always with a bit of spin) and a very unconcerned about the persons who know and circulate information about them. Because it is they that are giving the information.
But having the knowledge to remove them, their nests and worm, is entirely a different matter!!

This removal work is dependant upon having constant communication from your Nature guides, Elementals and EarthMother.
The Timing, The Orchestration – is all per the upper dimensional realms. The human is the conduit whereby this work can be expedited.
It is a collaborative effort between the human and these realms.

Without protection from Earthmother, Crow and Guardians, and without the correct removal method, you will not be led to do this work – nor will anything be revealed to you in this regard.
This is for your own safety.
When you do have this knowledge of protection, boundaries, and who is assisting you, then you will be contacted through a dream, generally – and given directions, possibly of some in your area.

Generally, once you have removed your own, either one that has interfaced, a worm, or a group. You maybe required to step out, and help others remove theirs.
The same for the removal of the nests.

Good hunting!!
This is a very thorough breakdown of your environment and I can easily agree with 80% of what you said. But if I may, you said a few things I wish to counter:

My main concern is that you said "there is nothing anyone can do about it"......oh how much I disagree with that statement.

My friend, you answered the problem by having such precise knowledge about the problem. Look at what you said about their Nests.
All in square environments. Hospitals, neighborhoods, pretty much anything built by people who don't "know better". These areas are dead-zones as far as High Vibrations, Energy and Air go. (You can test the air in any sqaure environment and you'll see the air molecule is HOLLOW - devoid of life. Test the air in a Fractal environment alligned to the stars, like a government design or the Vatican and you'll see the opposite).

So humans fractalizing themselves and their environments is exactly what every culture and spiritual "system" has been screaming for years!! In fact, the smartest among us figured it out first.
Which is why any worthy government or religion that is planning on GAINING/BUILDING/STORING POWER uses a highly Alligned, fractalized design. It's not for "pretty show".

Negative-Alligned entities need these "dead zones" to comfortably raise their young, this is true. A ROSE is a high-quality Fractal form that humans can "take", which is why every Order in existence has a Degree on the Rose. Every one my friend.

You also forget that by simply knowing who and what is there, you can wreak some mental havoc. This is why scientists don't discuss important projects underway, it's well known that mental embedding is easily attained through Pattern Recognition and the "Watery Fuel" of emotions. You are highly-armed my friend.

YES, we must all deal with that infernal buzzsaw sound coming out of Boulder, CO but it is actually helping us because it is making the lower density "border" stick out like a sore thumb. It is much easier to tell when you are even slighly above Earthly frequencies because the "buzz" immediately begins to dissipate and then disappear.

Negatives and shadows expend large amounts of effort to distort Light even slightly. Distortions that a human can correct with a simple hum. They work for hours for something we can erase in seconds.

Do not put us at the bottom of the scale here my friend, when we are actually the envy of the Universe. Perfect Beings have "fallen from grace" over their anger and refusal to serve our Higher Purpose. They only Impede, but they cannot stop our Destiny.

Human beings share in the Eternal Light. Which means we partake of the Fruit of the Tree of Life. That is IT my friend. Nothing else left to ask for. We have all we need except belief in our Selves and abilities.
Those who are manipulated by the 60 deserve it, simply put. They put no effort into building a Psychic Firewall or working with Levels of Consciousness so they leave themselves open to the suggestion of any daemon or media outlet.
If you are a Psychically-fit then they leave your Mind alone considering you are surrounded by millions of willing hosts. Giving them your belief and fear only makes them into something their not.
If human beings knew their full potential (especially United Potential) every alien that is feared today would be a willing, tooth-fairy servant of humanity tomorrow. You build them up or you break them down. It's your choice. The Power of Free-Will.
Hi, interesting. Would I be right in saying that you agree with the path that is underway? That the controllers of this world are on the right path?

I do not think Terence McKenna ever approved of the path of the elite. I also think that the ideas put forward by Orwell and Huxley suggest that the path to one world government will lead to general slavery. Maybe you are arguing for "loving your servitude". Not sure that I agree with what you are saying. One world in union is one thing, but one dominated by a negative force, controlling all that we do and even think. Is that a world that you approve of?

Think the work of Philip K Dick and his ideas of the Black Iron Prison is more honest view of where we currently are.
I appreciate you remaining civil, considering you think I approve of anything Negative. I merely wish to remind everyone, Again and Again:

ALL CREATIONS, by default, are Positive Creations of Light. All Creations are also Multi-Dimensional.

So the NWO of "earthbound fleshy minds" is a very Negative creation of the lowest density, where only coarse and crude light exists. The shadows naturally turn any LIGHT they receive into a muddled puddle of mental goo. Hence, the Alex Jones/Icke and now apparently Dick's of the world are only able to perceive the Lowest Possible Dimensional manifestation of this Ideal.

My friend, I say as humbly as possible, again:

"I think, therefore I am" can easily be translated into "I think I am in a prison, Therefore I AM in a prison".

I will never argue with you because you are always right. If you THINK life is hard, you are right my friend.
If you THINK life is easy, well, again you are right.

Think this is a prison from which you will never escape? You are absolutely right. But please don't tell me I'm wrong because I think the New World Order is the most beautiful Ideal I have ever seen come out of the Mind of any mortal, pertaining to "earth-bound" matters.
Of course, the Highest Spiritual Ideals are unspeakably important, but the earth-bound situation must be Resolved once and for all before we can have the environment needed for Ultimate Spiritual Evolution.

YES I approve of and visit the outskirts of the NWO often. It is out of focus for me, but many have already ascended to the 4th density of a finer, higher vibration and are already there.
Your Mind is immediately a part of the Whole and your Ideas are instantly screened and implemented (if worthy), which is why Low Vibrations are not allowed into this High Density. To protect the Profane Minds from their own Profane Creations.

The Finer Vibrations have free-reign of the Earth and can see the 3rd Density, but you will not be able to see the 4th unless an effort is made on part of the Higher Vibrations.

Meaning: If you don't like the 4th Density and wish to remain in the 3rd, nobody will stop you and many will do their best to help you ride out that frequency. But watch what you THINK because many of you are creating a bonafide prison from your own thoughts, much like religious mis-conceptions created an actual Hell for those who Relate to that Hellish Frequency.

ALL Creations are GOOD and BORN OF LIGHT.....including the NWO.

Do not judge a man by his shadow. Nor should you judge the New World by the lowest possible "verson" available, devoid of all Light.

Raise up your Vibrations, and your Understanding and Love for the New World will raise up as well. It is beautiful my friend. When you return to your Vibratory State, you will thank us for embedding this Wave deep in the 4th Density.
You might want to attempt to communicate with someone who is already there because I am merely a moth before this Beautiful Density at this moment, but I'm getting in soon enough.

Is Lucifer still being perceived as something opposed to humanity? YHWH tries to wipe humanity off the planet, and Lucifer/Ra gets all the negative coverage?

I remind you the Light Bearer is just what the name Implies. The One who put the Spark of Eternal Light into you.

To help you out with this, pick up a Bible and read Genesis, but the actual Scripture, not the mis-translations. It is not The One True God who declares Fiat Lux (Let there be Light), it is the Elohim.

Do you know that Elohim are Androgynous and resbina, or 2-In-One beings? My friend, Enlil and Enki are the SAME being and are Lucifer and YHWH.

The so-called devil and the so-called "only creator" share the Same Body of Light. Of course Enlil/YHWH wants you to think that Lucifer/Ra is the "house of bondage" to be "saved" from.

Much like McDonalds would like to convince you that Burger King burger are made by "the devil", if possible.

The only Salvation is from Ignorance. The only "test" is to see if you can take the Root Message of Tolerance and Unity to the Highest Level. If you are Opposed to any one, then you remain divided and the divided cannot return to The One.

I myself struggle mightily with this, so please don't take my words to be arrogant. But I would like to remind you that your "experience" with Lucifer is 0, so you lie if you say you know he's the devil and evil. You have been "taught" that by the same Trainers that originally trained me. We all go through this.
Open your Mind and All Doors fly open before you. Remain closed minded and remain locked out.

It's your choice. The Gift of Free-Will.


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