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I am looking for information on the many facets of the New World Order and its implications on the individual, society, and humanity at large, both good and bad.

There seems to be a divisive duality of ideals contained within the NWO (as we see in all things). Lets explore them here.

Questions which may prompt discussion here include:

  • What is the purpose of the NWO, in both polarities?
  • Who are the players?
  • What are the common misconceptions?
  • Will the end result be tyrannical, or provide true freedom?

Please reply with your thoughts and opinions, they are highly valued.

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Yes, We know all of that. You are very clever.

I mean what is its real...true intention from the creators.
Everything will be ok in the end. It has to be. there is no other way it could be. if it is not ok , it is not the end
PS, what scale of time are we talking here? years? generations? lifetimes? (I think it's going to get worse before it gets better)
Time frame = MARCH 2011 Nibiru is seen by every naked eye...Nature starts to go crazy and all things material crash, ALL THINGS.
march 2012 and 7months out total darkness and poison in the skies.
December 2012 little to no DiSreSonance left from man.

By 2014 time speeds up to 4 times faster as it is now.
but by this time there is no dis-ease or death. And the Earth gets repopulated by humans with a Crystalline Biology as the Earth becomes a star again.
My friend, we are approaching a Scattering of humanity, much like when the New World, or America, was discovered.
This time, the New World is a vibrational frequency un-inhabitable for lower density Minds. You must raise up your Vibrations or remain behind.

But Sebastian I implore you to study Spatial Planes and Time Continuum because what you are saying is correct on one spatial plane of Potential Energy. But only ONE.

This is what is so AMAZING about our Age. We now have the ability to harness Free-Will to propel us from one plane or state to another.
Meaning, your only "stuck" in the catastrophic destruction if you are unable to perceive an alternative state of existence. This is one of the worst possible Potential realities and I personally don't Relate to it, nor do I seek to perceive what it must be like.

The best part about it is that it's now been proven using EKG's that a human in a calm State of Bliss or Happiness is producing a recursive Sine wave and is the ultimate State of to Create. You cannot be in Opposition, or "armed to fight" anything, you will fail miserably because the Brain waves that are created by Opposition non-recur and are self destructive.
You must be in Harmony to affect the Tune or Tone of your environment in a productive manner using a "Golden Means to a Golden End".
Mem Key is that like short for THE KEYS TO MEMORY?

My friend, we are approaching a Scattering of humanity, much like when the New World, or America, was discovered.
This time, the New World is a vibrational frequency un-inhabitable for lower density Minds. You must raise up your Vibrations or remain behind.

You are corect but its much worse than discovering America. Unfortunately.
You better believe my vibration is quite high at present...and I dont mean to sound proud at all.
And you can rest assured I will be remaining behind. We are on our way back to the GREAT CENTRAL SUN.
The ones you speak of "the scattered ones" well they will be going to low density worlds in our universe. EarthMother is on her way to 5th Dimension.

Mem Key

I dont believe and I USE that word loosely in FREE-WILL.
I also am not in a state of mind for fighting at all.

As for reality, it is changing as we speak and 2012 is the culmination. What we have right now will be a myth by the end of 2012. Nothing that is currently in this Concensus will survive beyond 2012.

Some of your thoughts are very true.
But all things must be through Spiritual Understanding.
Wow... i am about to write my thoughts but having undergone the previous comments, it blew me away. Very good analysis, they have. I would love to "listen" more that make comments for now.

... but then again i have to leave something :
Purpose : while i recognize the existence of duality, i would rather like to stress that the duality created is a manifestation of human psychie searching for Unification instead. Something went wrong that human woke up having incoherence of thought and wanting to fill what is missing. that is why we ask the basic questions, who are we ? So, rather than recognizing duality as separate entity, we think of its reconciliation.

Players : On the previous context ( psychological point of view ). The human mind - between the left and right brain of being objective , subjective or both.

Misconceptions : The NWO is not separate from us, it is a manifestation of human asserting objectivity or subjectivity in extreme cases.

Result : Unless we can not resolve ourselves, tyranny will always prevail. If we can manage to make a subjective and objective choreography, life would be better or extended at least.
Well said, thank you for your comments.
i would rather like to stress that the duality created is a manifestation of human psychie searching for Unification instead.

You use the word psychie as if it is a default. You also speak of duality as if we do this on purpose when in fact duality has been created by the NWO then swapped around for individuality confusing the masses to a state of loss of identity.
Whatever is being manifested has been given to the masses on a platter. Henry Kissinger was the Architect first of all the new forms of education across the globe, once that was implemented they took it a step further to minipulate the dreamtime of humanity. Then there is the problem of the Amnesia Implants that every human has been implanted with by the Nibiruans.

One way that they destroy both manifestation and dreamtime is through the spraying of the air with ChemTrails Poisoning.

Your statement sounds clear cut but its not that way as there are to many physical variables that is and is not influencing MANIFESTATION. The manifestation itself is a spin, basically the masses are dreaming what the NWO wants them to dream in any given city location
Here is another thing, Are you aware what a GOOGLE BOT or YAHOO BOT is.

Each time you search for something, especially when you come onto an esoteric sight like this they know you are coming here, then if they know what you searching they know what you thinking, if they know what you are thinking they know where you are going. So then they minipulate the ESOTERIC world pushing them this way and that so fulfill their agenda.

Duality is not a manifestation of the human psychie perse, it is the false manifestation of the NWO pushed upon the masses, so that WE can continue to fight. This is what is called a scitoma.
Just like with the Arabs and Jews, or like the Muslims and Christians.
There is no rift, never was, it all an elaborate hoax. From this Hoax Trillions of dollars are made for the Elite.

The Human Soul is Unity based, no external mechanism or scientific, new age, mumbo jumbo can solve this problem that we are in at present.
For starters the language has to change, you will find that in every school Greek Pholosophy has been taught to some extent, secondly most of our words are based on Greek or Latin. Since the Annanuki created these languages it is filled with POLARITY. Polarity words created polarity feelings and then actions.

A Language of Light with the proper vibrations without any polarity must be embodied, this in turn with the Karma Clearing solves every problem we encounter in duality world.

I received this link today. I find the numerous  9/11 references on it (even animations) to be particularly disturbing. Someone once gave me a DVD illustrating the premise that charges were set on the Twin Towers to systematically collapse the structures down in telescoping fashion, with jets of gas shooting out in lower and lower stages. It also suggested that only a missile of a certain sort could penetrate the Pentagon walls, and that plane debris was disappeared. I remain incredulous that our 'Illuminati controlled' government is so sinister that it engineered genocide in the USA.

Conspiracy theory and paranoid schizophrenia seem to have a permeable membrane between them - between belief and reality - both of which shape the other. Have all the sci-fi outer space films from the 50s to the present really part of a desensitization of multiple generations of Americans to the idea of extra-terrestrial visitors? We have the extremes from 'Independence Day' to 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' in order to cover the evil-to-benevolent possibilities. Are these movies spanning 60 decades a response to Roswell and/or other classified events?


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